Among the first users of ThunderPack is the Montreal-based VR 360 technology and content innovator Felix & Paul Studios.

The problem of handling the vast amount of data that a VR 360 production is called to secure on set is one of a kind. If we add in the equation the task of shooting wildlife in Tanzania then the problem immediately quadruples.

The need for a fast, portable, durable and self powered disk array to secure a five day shooting while chasing Elephants gets to its peak. Exactly that was the first assignment for ThunderPack.

In early May Motion FX supplied a demo ThunderPack to have a test drive in Tanzania. The system was able to cope with a huge amount of data in 5 shooting days while powering everything, from SSD disk readers, iPhones, it self and a MacBook.

Guillaume Sabourin, VR/Data Specialist of Felix & Paul Studios said:

“ThunderPack is the expansion chassis we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. Simply put, it’s shock-mounted disk-array RAID is the only storage solution that enables piece of mind at all times. Although it shined when handling over a huge amount of data daily and moving twice a day between locations (setup and wrap within minutes) in the most hostile off-road conditions, one specific night while comfortably setup in a park shelter during filming in Tanzania really had the ThunderPack shine. When a major Thunderstorm struck the hotel’s mains, the ThunderPack’s circuitry protected itself and the precious data it contained. I was able to get back to work all while the park shelter was out of electricity for hours. Last but not least, it is the only portable UPS Battery Backup system to accept both 110v or 220v input and relay it to it’s interchangeable batteries.”

After that the first order came for a set of two ThunderPack-RAID to be delivered in early June (in the picture) to catch up the next assignment of shooting nature in Borneo.

Come and see ThunderPack your self at CineGear Expo 5th and 6th of June at booth 131 at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

About Felix & Paul Studios,

Felix & Paul Studios is a Montreal-based virtual reality technology and content innovator focused on the creation of cinematic virtual reality experiences. Led by directors and visual artists Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael, the studio is driven by the belief that virtual reality is a fundamentally new form of art and storytelling with an extraordinary potential to enhance the human experience. Our team has developed a complete proprietary platform for 3D 360° live action virtual reality filming and post-production – that sets the highest quality standards in the industry. Felix & Paul studios are commissioned by Oculus and Samsung to do the out of the box experience video for gear VR.