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Acromove products incorporate innovative thinking about the latest proprietary and COTS technologies to deliver
superior performance and user experience.

Advanced Materials

The chassis and components for all our products are custom designed at our manufacturing operation in Athens, Greece. We do all our designs in Solidworks, then send files to our partners who use computerized milling machines and 3D printers to create the parts. Our assembly line has many automation capabilities.
Lightweight and strong aircraft aluminum is used for the main shell. The walls are perforated to reduce weight while maintaining rigidity. Thin carbon fiber panels are secured around the perimeter to contain internal air flow.
The optional clamp-on shelving is made of carbon fiber or aluminum with patented mounting on the telescoping handle.
Air vents with removable filters are located on the top panel ensuring cooling during operation. The disk caddies have separate cooling fans of our own design.

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