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Acromove products incorporate innovative thinking about the latest proprietary and COTS technologies to deliver
superior performance and user experience.


Acromove products are used by professionals needing portable RAID storage and NAS computing devices.

We have designed our chassis to fit two sizes of standard Pelican Protector Cases. The ThunderPack Mini™ uses the model 1430, and the ThunderPack™ and ServerPack™ use model 1440 Protector top loaders. Both are approved for airline check-in luggage, and the Mini can be stowed in a luggage bin in the main cabin. Shipping charges are affordable for both models. Fully loaded with disks and batteries, the ThunderPack™ weighs 46 lbs. (21 kg), while the ThunderPack Mini™ checks in at 25 lbs. (11.4 kg).

We only supply the black color, but other colors are available for branding or to stand out in the crowd. Simply remove the chassis and replace in the alternate unit! Pelican Cases are reasonably priced, especially considering the level of protection they provide.

The ThunderPack™ and ServerPack™ have an integrated telescoping handle and stainless steel ball bearing wheels. They also feature our unique 3” all terrain wheels with shock-absorbers. ThunderPack Mini™ has a solid carry handle and shoulder strap and is about the size of a large purse.

Optional shelves hold laptop computers, color grading panels, LTOs, and accessories allowing complete freedom of movement when working on location.

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