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Acromove products incorporate innovative thinking about the latest proprietary and COTS technologies to deliver
superior performance and user experience.

Power Management

The innovative integrated Li-Ion Power Management System (Li-PMS, patent pending) allows ThunderPack™ and ThunderPack Mini™ to operate longer than six hours. ThunderPack™ holds six batteries while the Mini™ holds two or three (depending on model). The Li-Ion batteries carry all necessary certifications for use around the world and are approved for airline carry-on.
ThunderPack™ has a total capacity of 588Wh and adds less than 2.2Kg (4.9lb) to the package. Li-PMS can supply more than 320W of raw power to all internal devices leaving more than 200W available to drive external devices/accessories. Using the optional Power Distribution Module (PWRD-Module) you can connect up to two 15” Retina MacBook Pro™ computers (19V). fast-charge tablets, and smartphones via USB (5V-2A) leaving enough 24V or 12V power available for other devices such as two 40W LitePanels™ LED lights (equivalent to 2x200W HMI lights). ThunderPack™ can power a MacBook Pro™ computer, an LTO-7 and two light panels for at least 3.5 hours.
The hot-swap batteries enable continuous operation. In addition, you can connect a 160W 12V solar panel to charge the batteries and supply power to the devices during operation. enabling complete flexibility when shooting outdoors even in the most remote areas.
ThunderPack™ has a DC rail RAW power bar handling up to 320W continuous load and 480W peak load at 11v-19v, capable to drive a wide range of external devices using DC to DC power converters. The solar connector with a cable adapter can connect to large external 11-19v battery packs.

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