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Digital Film/DIT

ThunderPack™ can operate almost everywhere: on a camera cart, in avehicle, in a helicopter, in direct contact with the ground, or even in up to 14.6 inches (37cm) of sand, mud or water. It can be carried as a backpack and you can even cross a river swimming, since it floats!

ThunderPack™ will be your production Raid Array of choice. It complements existing cart set-ups by reducing the need for a big UPS and rack mounted disk array reducing transportation costs and complexity.

ThunderPack™ works with iMac™ and MacBook Pro™ computers through the Thunderbolt 2 interface. By using it in studio, it eliminates the need to move filmed materials to a faster storage system, because it carries one of the fastest RAID-6 disk arrays available. A download of 48TBytes with RAID-6 takes about 5 hours while other portable systems take about 24 hours at best. ThunderPack™ supports HD to 8K workflows with ease using both HDDs and SSDs.

There are many times that just two or three shots in the middle of nowhere are needed, using a couple of fill lights. ThunderPack™, with its ability to supply auxiliary power to external devices like LED panels, has enough capacity to run everything for up to 4 hours. With optional work surfaces, there is no need for carts, generators, big vans and all the costs normally associated with such a setup.

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