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Portable Thunderbolt 2 RAID

The new Thunderbolt Minitm is useful for digital productions by DITs (Digital Imaging Technicians), and it is also offers an excellent way of simply moving files between computer systems. It has a hardware RAID card (0/1/5/6/10/50/60) and up to 40TB of storage space with a Thunderbolt 2 connection. When outfitted with SSDs it is one of the fastest RAID systems available today capable of saturating the Thunderbolt 2 pipe at 2,500 GB/s.

ThunderPack Minitm is an 8 bay 2.5” disk array storing up to 40TB and can run for more than 6 hours on Li-ion batteries. It is designed to fit in a waterproof Pelican 1430 the size of a typical laptop bag and weights 25lb (11.4Kg) fully loaded. If you need HD monitoring of your material, get the version with an integrated Blackmagic Design Mini Monitor.

Digital productions go everywhere around the world with lightweight 4K/6K cameras. Terabytes of data are shot every day and need to be moved from those remote locations back to post-production. ThunderPack Minitm has the speed and capacity to collect this daily data on set, then just close it up and drop it off at FedEx/UPS for transport anywhere in the world. If the material is particularly sensitive, it can be taken as carry-on luggage by an assistant and stowed in the overhead bin.

ThunderPack Minitm can handle any file type no matter how large. Medical centers have sophisticated MRI units that generate large datasets which must be moved to a processing center for analysis.

Drones are capable of generating a lot of data from sensors and cameras. They often work in remote locations with battery-operated laptops away from power sources. ThunderPack Minitm is the perfect complement to these operations.

eDiscovery is the process of collecting forensics data at customer sites and from laptop computers.

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