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Acromove products are designed to be portable, but there are times when mounting the units in a rack are necessary. We have created clever ways to mount the ThunderPack™ and ThunderPack Mini™ to accommodate this situation.

The aluminum rackmount for the ThunderPack™ can be placed in the front or rear of a standard 19” wide system rack. Rear mounting may be desirable as all the connections, including power, are located on the top panel. The chassis is removed from its protective Pelican case, slipped into the 5U short depth rackmount, and secured with a couple of screws.

For the ThunderPack Minitm, we saw an opportunity to accommodate the use of a MacPro workstation commonly used on DIT production carts. It is designed to mount in the rear of a standard 19” deep rack. At the front is a cradle where the MacPro is strapped in place, leaving the connector panel accessible. Power and signal cables are fed to the rear.