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ServerPack 35™ is our hyperconverged software-defined system that combines storage, computing, networking and virtualization technologies in one physical unit that is managed as a single system.

Transferring large amounts of data over Ethernet or Satellite networks is time-consuming and inefficient, and there are many areas of the world with limited or no web connectivity. ServerPack 35™ is the best solution for these regions.

ServerPack 35™ is different from any other system in several ways – it is designed to be portable, it can include tracking capabilities and it is operating-system- and software-application- agnostic, allowing it to be deployed in virtually any environment.

ServerPack 35™ is also the only ruggedized high capacity portable NAS system available on the open market for deploying to the new Edge Computing architecture. It is aimed at companies  either wanting to migrate large datasets into their cloud storage account, or needing to physically move 100s of terabytes between facilities.

ServerPack 35™ is built using advanced, lightweight materials including military-grade exosceleton, aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber elements. The unit is self-contained in an IP67-rated watertight, dustproof Pelican™ case. All components are securely ensconced within a shock-proof chassis where the drive bays “float” in patented caddies immune from vibration, connectors are isolated from direct contact with the chassis, and the unit can even be operated in standing water. It can be rackmounted for extended use in a data center.

For network connectivity, ServerPack 35™ includes GbE and 10GbE copper with optional Fiber Channel (8/16 GbE), and 10/40/56 GbE SFP+. It can be managed remotely or locally with KVM connections. It has a powerful Xeon processor for processing data locally. It also comes with a specially designed soft carrying case that is sized for airline luggage check-in. The case itself has a telescoping handle and wheels.

ServerPack 35™ can be configured with any operating system or software application needed for the task at hand. Users may install their own unique software stack to integrate with existing workflows, or they may order us to install and test the necessary software for specific functions.

Our current (standard-model) offering combines Ubuntu and OSNexus QuantaStor to deploy a secure ZFS-based Software Defined Storage network for moving large datasets into and out of the cloud. Additional examples for future deployment include Red Hat with Hortonworks DataFlow to capture and process data-in-motion for a Hadoop cluster, and Microsoft Server 2016 within a complex Storage Spaces Direct architecture with multiple Containers.

Any time data is collected or moved outside of the secure data center, care must be taken to ensure its integrity. ServerPack 35™ incorporates an Intel Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on the motherboard, RAID 5 or 6 protects against data loss due to drive failure, the ZFS file system guards against bit-rot and military-grade AES-256 encryption protects data from theft. The enclosure is tamper-resistant and has internal sensors to remotely monitor the operating environment.

Identifier Standard Models

(please ask for custom configurations)

SP3-X41-64-0TB ServerPack™ 35 base device, Dry (no disks)
SP3-X41-64-72TB ServerPack™ 35 with 72TB Storage (HDD)
SP3-X41-64-96TB ServerPack™ 35 with 96TB Storage  (HDD)
SP3-X41-64-120TB ServerPack™ 35 with 120TB Storage (HDD)
SP3-X41-64-144TB ServerPack™ 35 with 144TB Storage (HDD)
Number of Bays / Drives 12
Drive Types Supported 3.5″ SAS3/SATA3 HDD / SSD

Recommend: Seagate STxx000DM0004 Enterprise 7200 RPM 3.5″ HDDs

  Optional: 2.5″ SAS3/SATA3 HDDs / SSDs
  Optional: Capacities up to 30.72 Tb per Drive (HDD / SSD)
Hot Swappable Yes
Exoskeleton Pelican Protector 1440 with telescoping handle and extra, custom built steel ball-bearing wheels and shock absorbers, weatherproof (IP67)
Ruggedized Chassis Aircraft aluminum frame, carbon fiber panels, aluminum top plate with dust-proof connectors, aluminum air vents with filters
  Shock-mounted disk caddies (2 x 6 drives), foam padding between case and chassis, connectors isolated from motherboard
CPU Intel® Xeon® D-1541 SOC, 8 cores/16 threads, 2.10 GHz (optional D-1587 16/32)
System RAM 64GB DDR4 RAM ECC RDAM (16GB x 4), 128GB Max (32GB x 4)
NAS OS OS Nexus QuantaStor Migration Edition ZFS (other NAS OS and Applications available)
OS Drive 128 GB M.2 PCIe3 (Optional Mirrored Dual Boot available)
Interfaces 4 x USB 2.0 (via header)
  2 x USB 3.x
  2 x 1 GbE RJ-45 copper
  2 -x 10 GbE RJ-45 copper
  1 x GbE IPMI port RJ-45
  1 x VGA
  1 x PCIe Gen 3 x16 slot, with riser 2 x8 slots (1 occupied by RAID card)
  Optional: 2 x 10GbE (SFP+); 2 x 40GbE (QSFP+); 2 x 56 GbE Infiniband; 2 x 8Gb FC; 2 x 16Gb FC; nVidia GPU w/HDMI; USB-C
Wireless Connectivity Optional WiFi Hot Spot
  Optional tracking & logging system
  (please ask)
Onboard Display 4-line OLED for system status and setup
Server Operating System Ubuntu Linux (other OS available on request)
Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows XP or later
  Mac OS X
  Linux & Unix
Security Features TPM Trusted Platform Module
  Trusted Execution Technology
  Secure Key random number generator
  OS Guard
  Execute Disable Bit
  AES-NI Encryption Hardware Acceleration
Encryption AES-256 (provided by OS and applications)
Supported Web Browsers Internet Explorer
  Mozilla Firefox
  Apple Safari
  Google Chrome
Network Protocols CIFS/SMB, NFS, HTTP, HTTPS, iSCSI
File Sharing Protocols CIFS/SMB, NFS
HDD File System, System Drive EXT3
HDD File System, Drive Array XFS, ZFS
Virtualization Certified VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer
Containerization Certified Docker, Canonical, and CoreOS Rocket
RAID Levels Striped Vdev (RAID0), Mirrored Vdev (RAID1), Striped Mirrored Vdev (RAID10), RAIDZ (RAID5), RAIDZ2 (RAID6), RAIDZ3 (3 Disk Failures), Nested RAID (RAID50/60/etc).
Bus Powered Yes
Dimensions WxDxH 500.38 x 304.8 x 457.2mm (19.7 x 12 x 18 inches) Airline length 126.2cm/49.7″
  With Softcase: WxDxH 650.24 x 449.58 x 548.64 (25.6 x 17.7 x 21.6 inches) Airline length 164.85cm/64.9″
Weight 17.3Kg (38.14lb) without disks
  25Kg (45.11lb) with12 x 10TB HDDs
  Softcase 4.2Kg/9.26lb
Weight 17.3Kg (38.14lb) without disks
  25Kg (45.11lb) with12 x 10TB HDDs
  Softcase 4.2Kg/9.26lb
Power Supply 88-265V AC 50/60Hz, 300W
Operating Conditions Note: Special operating ranges available on request
Temperature 41 – 95 F (5 – 35 C) ambient
Humidity 95% with open cover, closed cover 1m (3.3ft) waterproof for 30 min.
Altitude 4000m (13,000ft) max
Acoustics 36dbA at 3.3ft. (1m) distance
Shock resistance Withstands up to 100G external shock (HDDs up to 300G operating)
Fans 6 on HDDs, 2 in case for general ventilation, filters
Compliance CE
  IP67 Dustproof/Waterproof
  TAA (Trade Agreement Act) Compliant
  HIPAA/PCI-DSS/GBLA//SOX when using AES-256 Encryption
Warranty 2 Year Limited, drives and other components carry their own warranties that may be longer
In The Box 1 x SP-MDMS System with purchased options
  12 x 3.5″ HDD/SSD as specified
  Acromove™ Wheels
  Acromove™ Soft Case
  12 x aluminum disk sleds and screws
  9 x spare fuses 4 Amp
  2 x Cat-6a 1.8m/6ft cables
  1 x Power Cord 1.5m/5ft
  1 x User Manual
  1 x Quick Start Guide

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