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Big Data Migration

A data migration project is usually undertaken to replace or upgrade servers, relocate storage, conduct server maintenance or to backup data. Well, Serverpack™ is a big, fast, secure, rugged server on wheels.

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Edge Computing

In its simplest form, “edge computing” is about putting an extra processing layer in the network between the end device and a centralized data center, which is commonly located in the cloud. If you own the cloud service, you need data-center-like security for your remote Edge servers. That’s exactly what Serverpack™ is all about.

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Disaster Recovery

When working with sensitive data outside of a secure server environment, for example while moving patient data out of a hospital due to emergency evacuation, it is necessary to use encryption on all files to protect HIPAA rights. Serverpack™. Enough said.
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Digital Film/DIT

ThunderPack™ Mini will be your production RAID array of choice. It complements existing cart set-ups by reducing the need for a big UPS and rack mounted disk array, reducing transportation costs and complexity.
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