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All our products are designed with three layers of shock absorption: one in the wheels with silicone shock absorbers, a second in the case foam between the Pelican exoskeleton and the chassis, and a third one internally, where everything is mounted in subcases – which in turn are mounted in specially designed shock mounts.

The disk caddies inside the units are a patented design that isolate the disks from the chassis with a combination of special mounts and rubber buffers. Besides protecting from external knocks, the mounts prevent vibration from the disks being transmitted to the chassis.

Everything inside ThunderPack Minitm and Serverpacktm can move up to 8mm while absorbing the energy of shocks without affecting internal components. Measured shock attenuation is almost 20 times, so a 100G external shock translates to just 5G shock to internal parts.

We have also incorporated special shock indicators at several points inside the units to identify when they have been subject to an abnormal jolt. This can be helpful if the units are ever damaged in shipping for establishing proof for insurance.

Also, we put-in temperature sensors to identify when the units have been subject to temperatures beyond their operating range (such as when in an airliner luggage section).


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