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All our products are whisper-quiet during operation (36dbA at 3.3ft/1m). That’s virtually silent, as you can see in the following comparisons:

10dB Absolute silence
15dB Pin drop from a height of 1cm heard at 3m
30dB Totally quiet night time in desert
36dB Acromove products while operating
60dB Normal conversation
120dB Front row at a rock concert
195dB Human eardrums rupture

When you look inside our chassis, every flat surface is covered with a special foam/rubber compound. The main fan is mounted on rubber grommets. The intake causes the airflow to follow an “s” path so there is no hissing. Also, using multiple fans (up to 14 in ServerPacktm and Thunderpack Minitm) they may even operate at slower speeds, lowering even more the overall sound of the system.


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