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Legacy Product ThunderPack™ 1.0 is now only available for special order (ask).

ThunderPack™ 1.0 revolutionized portable, all-in-one systems for digital film and TV production. Its future-proof design easily handles the huge files generated by today’s 4K/6K/8K cameras with its Thunderbolt 2 or 3 interface and superior 120TB storage capacity. ThunderPack™ 1.0 what the market-changer, that simplified what are now complex workflows involving clumsy production carts, external equipment needed for high-resolution monitoring, fast storage arrays, and making sure there’s enough power available when it’s needed.

It connects to Apple™ MacBook Pro™, MacBook Air™ and MacPro™ “trash can” computers via a Thunderbolt 2/3 port, through which all commonly used software (Avid, FCP, Resolve, YoYotta, etc.) can access files directly and rapidly. Tablets and smartphones connect via ThunderPack’s optional WiFi module. The case is outfitted with a unique large wheel system with shock absorbers for moving through rugged terrain.

Optional carbon fiber work surfaces attach to the telescoping handle when extended to hold laptops, keyboards, color grading panels, and monitors.

ThunderPack™ combines a 24-drive 2.5” disk RAID array (up to 120TB RAID-0 or 110TB RAID-6), SAS3 access to an optional LTO-7 for backing up rushes, Gigabit Ethernet and a 3-port Gigabit Ethernet switch with DHCP server for connecting other devices, and a Blackmagic Design™ Decklink Duo video I/O card. ThunderPack™ is powered by a sophisticated 320W power management system, by any available 12V solar panel or even an external battery pack. It includes a 588Wh Li-ion battery UPS system with 6 batteries.

With the Thunderbolt 3 interface available since Q3 2017, ThunderPack™ 1.0, althoulg a legacy product, remains the fastest data transfer system on the market, delivering up to 3,300 MB/s using HDDs and nearly saturating the Thunderbolt 3 bus when using SSDs.

ThunderPack™ 1.0 different models allow various connections to external LTOs and the Codex Capture Drives, also offering BMD Decklink Duo for connecting to complex workflows.

Thunderbolt™ 2 technology (upgradable to Thunderbolt™ 3)
Rugged, shock resistant design – IP67 case
High speed data transfer rate (>1300MB/s) with hardware RAID-6 controller
Storage capacity up to 120TB (24 4TB 2.5″ 12G/s SAS3 6G/s SATA3 hot-swappable disks)
Optional external LTO-7 SAS2 backup device with integrated power supply
6-hour autonomy (Li-ion battery UPS)
250W, 12/24V output power; charge MacBook™ computers and USB devices
TSA friendly and carry-on capable
Identifier Configuration
TP-RAID-D-98 RAID, Dry (no disks), 2x98Wh Li-ion batteries
TP-RAID-24TB-98 RAID, 24TB Storage, 2x98Wh Li-ion batteries
TP-RAID-48TB-98 RAID, 48TB Storage, 2x98Wh Li-ion batteries
TP-RAID-72TB-98 RAID, 72TB Storage, 2x98Wh Li-ion batteries
TP-RAID-96TB-98 RAID, 96TB Storage, 2x98Wh Li-ion batteries
TP-RAID-120TB-98 RAID, 120TB Storage, 2x98Wh Li-ion batteries
Part Number Description
PWRP-Module Power Pack Module with 3x USB charging 2A each, 2x 12v 5A each or one 10A, 2x 19v 4A each 8A total, RAW DC Rails out w/Sleeve, 250w PSU, 2.64lb
LTO-Module-D Mount for LTO and 2x 2,5” 12mm SSD/HDD, Tabletop kit w/Sleeve, no drives, w/ 2m cables for power & SAS3 SFF8644
LTO6-Module Mount for LTO and 2x 2,5” 12mm SSD/HDD, Tabletop kit w/Sleeve, includes Quantum LTO6 drive but no disks, w/ 2m cables for power & SAS3 SFF8644
LTO6-Module-CF Lightweight carbon fiber table with mount for LTO and 2x 2,5” 12mm SSD/HDD, Tabletop kit w/Sleeve, includes Quantum LTO6 drive but no disks, w/ 2m cables for power & SAS3 SFF8644
TP-RACK Aluminum Rack housing for a ThunderPack to be mounted in a cart.
TP-Solar Rugged, foldable solar panel with 120W, SAE and USB connectors
TBL-MAC-CF Lightweight Carbon Fiber Table for 15” MacBook Pro table /w Sleeve (0.97lb + 0.35lb = 1.32lb)
TBL-MUS-CF Lightweight Carbon Fiber Table for Mouse table /w Sleeve (0.72lb + 0.28lb = 1lb)
TBL-ELM-CF Lightweight Carbon Fiber Table for Tangent Element table /w Sleeve & Foam (0.72lb + 0.28lb + 0.09lb = 1.09lb)
TP-DSK-FOAM-D Anti-static Foam Insert for Pelican™ IM2100 accommodates 24 HDD Canisters from ThunderPack for transport or for airline carry-on usage
TBL-H Bundle Thunderbolt™ 2 cable (male) for computers with TB2 port (upgradable to Thunderbolt 3)
TBL-F Bundle Bundle of TBL-MAC-CF, TBL-MUS-CF, TBL-ELM-CF carbon fiber tables and LTO6-Module-CF Quantum LTO6 drive with SAS and power cables
Number of Drives 24
Drive Types Supported 2.5″ SAS3/SATA3 HDD
  2.5″ SAS3/SATA3 SSD
  Recommend Seagate STx000LM0xx or STx000LX0xx Laptop HDDs (max height 15mm)
Hot Swappable Yes
Exoskeleton Pelican™ Protector 1440 with steel ball-bearing wheels and telescoping handle, weatherproof (IP67)
Ruggedized Chassis Aircraft aluminum frame, carbon fiber panels, aluminum top plate with dust-proof connectors, aluminum air vents with filters
  Shock-mounted disk caddies (3 x 8 drives), foam padding between case and chassis, connectors isolated from motherboard
Software Compatibility Mac OS X 10.8 and above. Applications include YoYotta ID and Dailies, Assimilate Scratch, BMD DaVinci, REDCINE-X Pro, Adobe Video Suite, Final Cut X, BaseLight, Silverstack, LiveGrade, and more
System Interface Thunderbolt 2 cable (male) for computers with TB2 port (upgradable to Thunderbolt 3 2017 Q3)
RAID Sub-System ATTO SAS 12G RAID-on-Chip. RAID levels 0, 1, 10(1E), 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60, Single Disk or JBOD
RAID Performance Thunderbolt 2 technology max rate: write >1300 MB/s, read >1000 MB/s (using RAID-6)
Interfaces Thunderbolt 2 mini-display port, male
  LTO interface SFF-8644 socket with 4x 12G/s SAS3/SATA3 channels, plus 5pin XLR power 12V & 5V 40W total max
Custom Payload Area 229mm x 38mm x 103mm (9 x 14 x 1.5in) with 6 Neutrik I/O connection positions on front panel
Network Sub-System Wired: Thunderbolt 2 interface to GbE port for MacBook, Vigor GbE switch (2 external, 1 internal)
  Wireless (Optional): 2.5GHz/5GHz 300 Mbs Vigor Router with DHCP management
USB Thunderbolt to 2 x USB-3 Type A, 2A each, charging
Battery Sub-System 6 x 98Wh Li-ion batteries, 588Wh total battery capacity, 480W DC PSU peak load, 320W continuous
  Power rails raw out: 10-19V 25A or 250W max
Bus Powered Yes
Dimensions WxDxH 487x289x416mm (19.2×11.4×16.4 inches) Airline length 119cm/46.85
Weight 15.7Kg (34.6lb) without disks or batteries
  17.9Kg (39.4lb) without disks, with batteries
  21Kg (46.3lb) with 24 x 2TB HDDs and batteries
Power Inputs AC: 88-268V 50/60Hz full range
  DC: (operating): 11-15V, 0-10A
  DC: (operating and charging): 16-22V, 0-10A
Operating Conditions Note: Special operating ranges available on request
Temperature 35.6 – 118.4 oF (2 – 48 oC) under shade
Humidity 95% with open cover, closed cover 1m (3.3ft) waterproof for 30 min.
Altitude 4000m (13,000ft) ma
Acoustics 36dbA at 3.3ft. (1m) distance
 Shock Resistance Withstands up to 100G external shock (HDDs up to 300G operating)
 Fans 6 on HDDs, 2 in case for general ventilation, HEPA filters
 Compliance FCC / CE / TAA (Trade Agreement Act) Compliant
  IP67 Dustproof/Waterproof
Warranty  2 Year Limited, drives and other components carry their own warranties that may be longer
  Additional annual 48-hour Advance Swap and On-Site Support available as options 
 In The Box  1 x TP-CUST-xTB-x System with purchased options 
   24 x 2.5″ HDD/SSD as specified 
   6 x 98Wh Li-ion batteries 
   Acromove Wheels with shock absorbers / Acromove Soft Case 
   Pelican™ Protector 1440 case with foam and lid organizer 
  Custom Payload Area  
   24 x aluminum disk sleds and screws 
  3 x 10mm foam insert for safe Li-Ion transport
  24 x labels for disk trays
  1 x Power Cord
  1 x User Manual / Quick Start Guide

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