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ThunderPacktm Tangent Element TK Aluminium table and Carbon Fiber tables are designed to be used with the retractable handle. A patent-pending design available for the user that wants maximum ergonomy and mobility.

For less demanding application use the durable Aluminium version and for maximum mobility the super lightweight Carbon Fiber work surfaces that fit a Tangent Element BK control panel.

Typically in a production when moving from location to location its normal to have carts, tables, chairs etc. But this is not always possible. ThunderPack is designed to host a special set of working surfaces that fit in the extracted handle giving the versatility of a cart or a table without the size and weight. This design allows ThunderPack to be the most portable DIT workstation ever made. All Carbon Fiber tables including integrated LTO-6 device are weight no more than 3,8Kg (8,4lb). A backpack with everything needed gets to be a realistic option. Available also are the lower cost but much heavier, stronger for everyday use Aluminium tables.

ThunderPacktm Tangent Element BK Aluminium table and Carbon Fiber tables

Images shown Carbon Fiber version

Mounting Locking knob
Physical Dimensions Width x Depth x Height 465x255x35mm (18,3”x10”x1,4”) both versions
 Weight 1,5K6g (3,3lb) with Aluminium table, 0,5Kg (1,1lb) with Carbon Fiber table
 Included In Package Table, element storage foam, velcro strap, neoprene sleeve