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The design of ThunderPacktm with the integrated Li-Ion Power Management System (PMS) allows shooting anywhere, in a remote beach, or in a forest, or in the middle of the street with no need for generators for at-least 4 to 5 hours.

Li-ion PMS provides an auxiliary power DC Rails output capacity to supply more than 250W of RAW battery power or used to bridge future power systems with your ThunderPacktm. This output is unregulated and has a range of 10v to 19v depending on the charging status of the system, therefore, it can’t be used directly by devices. An external power conditioning device is needed to take advantage of this capability.

The Power Distribution Module (PWRD-Module) is a high-efficiency DC to DC power conditioning unit with 5v, 12v (optionally 24v) and 19v outputs of about 8-10A total on each output.

With Power Distribution Module (PWRD-Module) you can connect up to two 15” Retina MacBook Protm computers (19V), fast-charge tablets and smartphones via USB (5V-2A). While leaving enough 24V power available to other devices such as two 40W LitePanelstm LED lights, equivalent to 2x200W HMI lights. ThunderPacktm can operate with a MacBook Protm computer, an LTO-6 and two light panels for at least 3.5 hours.

Power Distribution Module (PWRD-Module) can be ordered with 12v or 24v output to fit your needs. Additionally, a MacBook Pro Magsafe2tm special cable is included in the package together with a neoprene sleeve bag.

ThunderPacktm Power Distribution Module (PWRD-Module) is a high efficiency DC to DC power supply with 5v, 19v (MacBook Pro) and 12v (optionally 24v) outputs of about 8-10A total each.

Input DC 10v – 24v, 250w
Output 1 3x USB connectors, high power configuration 2A each
 Output 2 2x 12v 5A (4 pin XLR) or 2x 24v 4A (3 pin XLR ARRI)
 Output 3 2x 19v 4A (5 pin XLR)
Physical Dimensions Width x Depth x Height 300x102x93mm (11,8”x4”x3,6”)
Weight 1,38Kg (3lb) with sleeve and power cable
Operating Conditions 0-50ºC (32-122 ºF) in shadow, 95% humidity, closed cover, max altitude 4.000m (13.000ft). Special operating range on request
Acoustics  No noise, passive cooling design.
Included in Package PWRD Module, 0,8m 32A bridge cable, 5 pin XLR to 1,5m MagSafe 2 cable, neoprene sleeve