A true cloud computing experience for the Edge

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Next generation apps are blocked by cloud computing

Next generation apps are deployed far from Cloud datacenters making
response time too slow (>40ms)

Edge computing delivers the speed for a real-time world

Putting the computing at the edge provides the needed response time

CLOUD >40ms
EDGE <2ms

What was the first-generation Edge solution?

Just put a computer at the Edge to fix the response time.

So, why hasn’t the Edge taken off?

Because people do not want just a computer.
They want all of the cloud advantages…delivered at the Edge.

But, the Cloud is 50x the technology infrastructure
than a computer.

As a result, enterprises are forced to get back into the datacenter business.

No Longer!

Acromove solves this problem with AcroCloud

A complete hardware and full software stack for the Edge Cloud
AcroCloud is designed from the ground
up to deliver a true cloud computing experience to the Edge.

Datacenter in-a-Box

All of the cloud hardware in a tiny and portable box


A full stack of specialized software


AcroCloud – – Edge Cloud

It is like breaking up the cloud datacenter into thousands of tiny
independent clouds that can placed anywhere in the world.