Acromove to run a pilot with Retail & More

Acromove, delivering the first cloud computing solution designed specifically for the Edge, today announced that it has reached an agreement with Retail & More, to run a proof of concept of Acromove´s AcroCloud™ solution as the potential IT platform for its planned Carrefour retail network in Greece. Retail & More is the Carrefour Master Franchise for Greece and has the goal of creating a new Pan-Hellenic network of stores with a common corporate identity under the Carrefour name that will provide high quality products and a top customer service experience.

Retail & More plans to deliver this new level of customer experience and satisfaction both with new store formats and modern technology. A key component of the next generation retail experience can be a next generation of edge computing which is essential for driving store efficiency, speed, accessibility, and improving the customer experience.

“AcroCloud is what has been missing from the edge: A truly unique solution that gives retailers exactly what they want – a cloud computing experience. They do not have to think about planning, building, maintaining, or investing in edge computing infrastructure. Like the true cloud, they rent as much compute capability as they need as they grow. But instead of being in a centralized data center, this cloud is in their facility giving them full autonomy and the very low latency needed for real time applications,” said Evan Achillopoulos, CTO of Acromove. “We are honored and excited to be working with Retail & More to demonstrate the innovation that we can provide at the edge for the retail sector.”

Acromove is changing the game in edge computing with the first true edge cloud experience. AcroCloud is a complete hardware and full software stack solution that delivers a full set of Edge computing needs in a cloud business model. This solution will enable Retail & More to rent as much sophisticated compute resources as they need, not in a centralized data center but at the edge where they need it.

About Acromove

Today there is an explosion of data in every business that is being amplified by IoT sensors everywhere and that requires advanced applications driven by AI/ML to provide results in real time using 5G networks. The current centralized cloud IT infrastructure cannot handle these problems giving rise to what is called Edge computing. Until now Edge computing has involved modifying existing centralized data center solutions, but this has proven to be inadequate – too expensive and too cumbersome to deploy. Acromove is architecting, building, and deploying a new generation of Edge computing solutions that were purpose built from the ground up for the Edge problems. This enables Acromove to deliver new levels of performance at a much lower price and to provide these new solutions in the same business model as the cloud – the customer does not have to plan, own, manage or maintain any of the technology. Customers can rent as much or as little Edge computing as they need at any time. Whether you are a public telco carrier, a retail store chain, a factory moving to Industry 4.0 or a smart city architect, Acromove has a solution for your Edge Cloud needs. Acromove was founded by Evangelos and Artemios Achillopoulos in 2014 in Athens, Greece. Acromove relocated its headquarters to the United States in 2017 but maintains its engineering center in Athens. For more information, visit

About Retail & More

Retail & More S.A. is a member of Globalsat-TeleUnicom Group of companies and was founded in 2021 through its subsidiary Teleunicom S.A. The company is the Carrefour Master Franchise for Greece and the forthcoming goals of Retail & More are the creation of a new Pan-Hellenic network of stores with a common corporate identity under Carrefour name, that will provide high quality products and top customer service experience.

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