The fastest, most secure, and lowest cost service
to transfer massive amounts of data.

Transfer up to 100 TB of data per day per device. On-demand, when you need it.

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Transferring huge amounts of data (>25TB) is difficult and complicated. Using the Internet to move data is slow and very
expensive. Since most companies do not transfer massive amounts of data frequently, buying their own hardware is not
cost effective. Big cloud providers subsidize equipment rental for data transfer, but this is for one purpose – transferring
data into their cloud environment where they charge their customers a hefty price for ongoing storage.

AcroTransfer enables you to move data
between any cloud and any data center, when you need to,
paying only for what you need.

What AcroTransfer includes

ServerPack™ 35

ServerPack 35 is a hyperconverged
software-defined storage (SDS) system with
storage, compute, networking and visualization
technologies in a single, ultraportable unit with
special hardware features for fast data transfer.

A full set of cables and
optical transceivers

High speed connectors to make connecting
to your data sources a snap. A set of
cables with a set of optical transceivers
compatible with HPE, Cisco, Juniper, Arista,
Brocade, Dell, Mellanox, and H3C switches.

Software to make
the transfer simple,
safe and fast

Data migration accelerator: VeloΣ™ speeds up the local collection and transfer of thousands/millions of small files. At least 3x faster data transfer compared to normal system copies — making this the fastest data transfer available using NFS, SMB, and S3 protocols.

Built-in remote device tracing and tracking system: AcroTrace™, the most advanced security, forensic and tracking system for maximum data protection and chain-of-custody reporting.

Customer Support

A team of experts available
on-demand to answer technical

User Experience


The set-up takes minutes compared to other solutions where making connections can take hours or days.

No data preparation required

No grouping of small files
or other data grooming.
Initiate transfer with a drag
and drop UI.

Download/Upload Speed

Actual data transfer speeds
between 1-4 TB per hour. You
can transfer up to 100 Terabytes per day!


No preparation or special
handling required to prepare
the package for shipping.


Track the exact location of
your data every minute with GPS
tracking on mobile or desktop.

Total transfer time

Move 100 TB of data from
point to point in four days!


AcroTransfer is the lowest cost data center agnostic way to move large data