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ServerPack 35 – The first product in Acromove’s new Series lineup

In 2017, Acromove introduced their first product based on 3.5” HDDs called ServerPack35tm. It was developed for a major cloud service provider needing the highest possible capacity for migrating customer data to the cloud. It was developed with a unique internal mounting system with 12 x 3.5” disk slots that are immune to shocks and provides total security for the drives. Using newly available Seagate 12TB HDDs, ServerPack35tm holds 144TB of data. With RAID 5 the capacity is 132TB and with ... Read more

ThunderPack Mini with up to 40TB

The new ThunderPack Minitm has the ability to reach 40Tbytes! An amazing achievement! That’s just the beginning of the good news too. The ThunderPack Mini™ is future-proof! It has a new Thunderbolttm 2 architecture that integrates internally a Thunderbolt to PCIe adapter thus a new ThunderPack Minitm can be upgraded to Thunderbolttm 3, with very little cost, when available! Hold on there’s more… We listen to our clients and the new ThunderPack Minitm has an ARECA 1883i 12G SAS Raid controller with a ... Read more

ThunderPack™ with up to 120TB

Yes, that’s an amazing achievement, new ThunderPacktm has the ability to reach 120Tbytes! And that’s just the beginning of the good news. New ThunderPack™ is future proof! Has a new Thunderbolttm 2 architecture that integrates internally a Thunderbolt to PCIe adapter thus new ThunderPacktm with very little cost can be upgraded to Thunderbolttm 3 when that will be available! Hold on there is more… We listen to our clients and new ThunderPacktm has an ARECA 1883i 12G SAS Raid controller together with an ... Read more


Acromove products are used by professionals needing portable RAID storage and NAS computing devices. We have designed our chassis to fit two sizes of standard Pelican Protector Cases. The ThunderPack Minitm uses the model 1430, and the ThunderPacktm and ServerPacktm use model 1440 Protector top loaders. Both are approved for airline check-in luggage, and the Mini can be stowed in a luggage bin in the main cabin. Shipping charges are affordable for both models. Fully loaded with disks and batteries, the ThunderPacktm ... Read more

Advanced Materials

The chassis and components for all our products are custom designed at our manufacturing operation in Athens, Greece. We do all our designs in Solidworks, then send files to our partners who use computerized milling machines and 3D printers to create the parts. Our assembly line has many automation capabilities. Lightweight and strong aircraft aluminum are used for the main shell. The walls are perforated to reduce weight while maintaining rigidity. Thin carbon fiber panels are secured around the perimeter to contain ... Read more


There are three layers of shock absorption – one in the wheels with silicone shock absorbers, a second in the case foam between the Pelican exoskeleton and the chassis, and a third one internally where everything is mounted in subcases which in turn are mounted in specially designed shock mounts.  The disk caddies inside the units are a patented design that isolate the disks from the chassis with a combination of special mounts and rubber buffers. Besides protecting from external knocks, the ... Read more

Power Management

The innovative integrated Li-Ion Power Management System (Li-PMS, patent pending) allows ThunderPacktm and ThunderPack Minitm to operate longer than six hours. ThunderPacktm holds six batteries while the Mini™ holds two or three (depending on model). The Li-Ion batteries carry all necessary certifications for use around the world and are approved for airline carry-on. ThunderPacktm has a total capacity of 588Wh and adds less than 2.2Kg (4.9lb) to the package. Li-PMS can supply more than 320W of raw power to all internal devices ... Read more


The Pelican cases we use have an IP67 rating. In the International Protection Marking system (IEC Standard 60529), the first number (6) assures there is no ingress of dust and complete protection against contact (dust tight) with a duration of up to 8 hours based on air flow. The second number (7) assures there is no Ingress of water in harmful quantity when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of ... Read more

Sound Dampening

Acromove products are whisper-quiet during operation (36dbA at 3.3ft/1m). That’s virtually silent, as you can see in these comparisons: 10dB Absolute silence 15dB Pin drop from a height of 1cm heard at 3m 30dB Totally quiet night time in desert 36dB Acromove products while operating 60dB Normal conversation 120dB Front row at a rock concert 195dB Human eardrums rupture When you look inside our chassis, every flat surface is covered with a special foam/rubber compound. The main fan is mounted on rubber grommets. The intake causes the airflow to follow an “s” path so there is ... Read more

ThunderBolt / Advanced IF

Thunderbolttm and Thunderpacktm ThunderPacktm and ThunderPack Minitm wer introduced in 2016. Theyprimarilyy use the Thunderbolttm 2 interface for direct connection to computers. They are both designed to accept a Thunderbolttm 3 circuit in the near future. Thunderbolttm 2 is a widely-accepted interface standard developed by Apple and Intel. It offers many desired features for high-resolution workflows (20Gb/s) and monitoring. The connector is the same as a mini-display port. There are adapters that can connect TB2 to Ethernet and standard USB2 and USB3 ports. Thunderbolttm 3 is the ... Read more
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