RMA Procedures (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Acromove Inc. products may be returned for repairs or hardware updates, while under warranty and for previously paid upgrades/retrofitting. Acromove Inc. products may not be returned for repair or hardware update, without prior written approval from the Technical Service Department of Acromove Inc. Please follow these instructions to ensure a smooth process with minimal delays.

Returns must be done within 30 days from date of issue of the RMA confirmation to avoid automatic cancellation of the request.  All RMA confirmations are issued within 24 hours. A return address will be provided on the RMA confirmation. The returnee will be responsible for contacting the assigned carrier to schedule a pick-up.

The RMA number must be clearly marked on all packages. Failure to clearly mark all packages with the RMA number may result in additional charges. It is solely the responsibility of the returnee to package all parts so that they are not lost or damaged during the return shipping. The use of the provided packaging (SoftCase) that your product came with should be used any time the unit is transported.

Requirements to process:

    • Customer name, company, and contact information.
    • Product SKU/Model Number.
    • Product Serial Number.
    • Detailed description of the issue.
      • Note: Describe the circumstances when the failure occurred including software and OS being used, environment, steps to recreate the error, error messages, physical clues, and any other information to help solve the problem. It is rarely helpful to write that “it doesn’t work”.
  1. Contact Acromove Inc. Support on our web site acromove.com/support. Sign-in to your account or create a new account by following onscreen instructions. This is important to establish a record of the event that can be tracked and resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.
  2. Select “Request an RMA”.
  3. Fill out the form as completely as possible, especially the description section.
  4. If the web site is not available, send an email with the above information to support@acromove.com.
  5. Acromove Inc. Support will assign an RMA number to your request and contact you at the email address or phone provided. Do not return the product until an RMA number has been created.
  6. Acromove Inc. Support will inform you of the address to use depending on the problem and/or any service agreements in place.
  7. According to your region the address will be typically either of the following two.

For North America, Canada, Mexico:

    • USA Address (Western Hemisphere Region)
      Acromove Inc.
      801 San Fernando Road,
      San Fernando
      CA 91340, California
      Attn: Steve Crouch, steve@acomove.com
  • For the Rest of the World (excluding India)
    • Europe Address (EMEA Region)
      Acromove Europe s.m. P.C.
      231 Mesogeion Ave,  Neo Psychiko
      Athens, Greece 15451
      +30 210-674-6758
      Attn: Artemios Achillopoulos, artemios@acromove.com

Preparing for Overseas Shipment

To expedite the repair process, it may be necessary to ship the damaged unit to our Service Center in Athens, Greece. It is faster to ship directly there instead of our Los Angeles office where we may have to ship anyway to Greece, depending on the problem (we will tell you if it should go to Los Angeles). For shipping overseas, there are some procedures that need to be followed to have the unit pass through Customs without unnecessary delays.


Devices, prior to being shipped  to the Supplier for either repairs, returns or upgrades, as defined in their respective paragraphs/Exhibits, shall have all possible personal/corporate data, that are unrelated to the function of the devices, erased according to the Special Publication 800-88 Revision1,Guidelines for Media Sanitization, as defined by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Adequate and successful erasing of all possible sensitive personal/corporate data, is the client’s sole responsibility.

Acromove is not liable of any leaks of personal/corporate data that might happen due to client’s insufficient methods of data sanitization.


  1. ServerPacks, BladePacks and ThunderPacks come with our unique Travel SoftCase, which should be used any time the unit is transported. This provides all the padding needed to withstand the rigors of shipping.
  2. It is advised to keep the cardboard carton that the units came with originally. Please use both to protect your investment.
  3. ThunderPack Minis come in a custom cardboard carton that should be used as the shipping box.

Shipping Company Documents

  1. All major shippers have an International, usually a 2-to-5-day express, service. These instructions will not apply to domestic shipping, in which case simply ship normally and include the RMA number on the label.
  2. After entering the “Ship To” information, have the shipper create a Pro Forma invoice.
  3. In the Pro Forma, enter the SKU/Model Number and Description as listed in your original invoice.
  4. Enter the RMA #, usually in Notes
  5. For unit price, enter 1/3 of the original purchase price or more if you can afford the cost of insurance.
  6. Reason for Shipment – Warranty Return for Repair, Not For Sale.
  7. To help Customs, it is often useful if you also create a Pro Forma invoice on your company letterhead and include in the document package.
  8. Select Insurance for the amount of the invoice. We cannot be responsible for losses due to shipping company error.
  9. For Warranty Returns it is not necessary to provide HTC or ECC numbers (these are for exporting). If requested, please see our web site FAQ for information on the particular model(s) being shipped.

Shipping Lithium-Ion Batteries

  1. Unless the batteries are the problem, it is best not to use air-freight domestically or overseas. We don’t need the batteries at the factory for repair of units in most cases. Li-Ion batteries are considered controlled substances.
  2. If batteries need to be included, it is best to ship them installed in the unit with certain preparations. The proper labels should be affixed to the carton to clearly identify that Li-Ion batteries are inside. We can send you the necessary labels if needed. Use IATA label #3481 when batteries are included in the unit, IATA #3480 if shipping batteries separately.
  3. Drain the batteries to less than 1/3 capacity. Our devices have a mode that does this automatically, but you may have to run the unit for several hours to drain them.
  4. ThunderPack and ThunderPack Mini include a spare 10mm rubber gasket that must be placed between the battery canister and the chassis. Use the supplied long gnurled screws to keep in place.
  5. Flip the Disconnect Battery switch to “Safe”.

Disk Drive Returns

Disk drives will have their own Warranty repair/replace policies that vary by manufacturer. If a drive fails during the Warranty period, we will replace it immediately upon receiving a report through our Service Portal or by email, shipping and insurance at our expense. Damaged units must be returned to Acromove Inc. (at Client expense) within one week to receive credit. If the damaged unit is not returned the client will be billed at current prices for the replacement.

Other Warranty and Service Agreement Policies

Unless otherwise agreed to, our Warranties assume that the Client will ship and insure warranty repairs at their expense to one of our offices. Acromove Inc. will ship and insure returns at our expense. Note if there are failures that are not covered from our Warranty Policy that extend above the 50% of the total cost of the repairs within Warranty the return shipment will be at the expense of the Client.

Spare units

For major contracts, Acromove Inc. offers extended/expanded warranties that may include spare units to ensure continuous operation in case of product failure. Our liability can only extend to the number of spare units that are part of the agreement. If more products fail than where provided, Acromove Inc. will work as quickly as possible to repair or replace the damaged units but we cannot be held responsible for any business continuity disruptions as a result.

Spare units are a property of Acromove Inc. It is prohibited the use in production of Spare units without the prior written permission of Acromove Inc. Permission can be granted only in the grounds of an RMA issuance under a warranty contract, or a service contract, or the warranty period and this is possible only for a specific period of time or until the RMA unit returns repaired and resume service. Upon termination, for any reason, of such contract or warranty period the Spare devices shall be returned within 15 days of such termination to Acromove Inc. at the expense of the Client.