Lot of juice

Most GPS trackers operate for 1-3 days on battery. We estimated, though, that 2-week battery time is required to cover delays due to bad weather, missing parcel, or transport by road etc. In ServerPack™ 35, our tracking system operates for 2 weeks on battery (between charges) to offer the maximum security possible when a cargo is delayed or a device in lost in unattended transit. And that only stands for the unpowered servers, since our powered device (ServerPack™ EDGE), with its batteries fully loaded, has enough power for all sensors to monitor, the tracking modules to run and the device to transmit, for years. ThunderPack™ Mini Mk II, on the other hand, has the battery capacity to support its own operation running in full, an 4/6/8k professional camera, as well as a laptop, a couple of phones and tablets, and even a pair of fill lights, for not less than 4 hours straight.

Extremely narrow transmission

Our Device Gateway Platform, which is used to control remotely your ServerPack™, has a proprietary protocol that needs less than a kilobyte and only 4 steps to get a fully encrypted communication through our GSM modem, while keeping all HTTPS-like safety properties.

Superfast data transfer

Our protocol can be at least 4 times more robust when there is limited GSM connectivity, because it needs fewer steps to connect/reconnect, while it uses 10 times less data to transfer on each connection of 1Kb of encrypted and compressed payload.

Efficient to the extreme

These properties allow our devices to "sleep” and “wake up” faster, while consuming 3 times less power than a HTTPS implementation to connect and exchange a payload.