Spirit of Invention

Epistêmê (επιστήμη) is the Greek word for science or knowledge, while technê (τέχνη) is translated as either craft or art. These fundamental concepts were debated in Ancient Greece by Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Plato, in particular, was fascinated by the idea of a kind of technê that is enlightened by the knowledge of forms.

There is something special about Greece that inspires original thinking and creativity. And it is from this heritage that the founders of Acromove Inc. built a company to make innovative products for markets around the world.

Acromove Inc., incorporated in the USA in February 2017, is the former MotionFX established in Athens, Greece in 2014, but with roots that go back to 2001. The founders are pioneers in the field of Digital Video hard disk recording systems, having introduced the first portable uncompressed disk recorder at IBC 2001. By 2005 they were doing 4k film scanning and color correction. They specialized in the desktop DI system Silicon Color Final Touch that later became Apple Color.

One of their first inventions was a multi-camera direct-to-disk ingest system called Director’s Cut ISO, which was subsequently licensed to an Austrian company.

In late 2009 they began developing an innovative portable disk system called FiberPack that simplified remote digital production workflow. The evolution of this product leads directly to current ThunderPack™ and ServerPack™ systems and forms the basis of all our portable computing products.

As our partners in NetApp say, “When you first see an Acromove™ product you notice immediately that it is built for the way you always wanted to work, unbound from massive racks of equipment but with the advanced capabilities you need for the modern era of computing. Acromove™ products are true inventions; unique, novel devices that improve products and processes, informed by experience and crafted with art.”