ServerPackTM 35 WORLD'S BEST PORTABLE SERVER 168 TB OR MORE massive capacity 14 LAYERS of security WEATHERPROOF rugged, compact SHOCK RESISTANT 4-level shock absorption SHIPPABLE by design DISCOVER what a ServerPackTM can do for you MORE LEARN what's inside our products MORE TELL US what you need and we'll tailor the perfect solution MORE


Acromove Inc. manufactures the world’s best portable Data Transfer servers and Nano Edge Data Centers.

ServerPack™ 35 is the only OS-agnostic, ruggedized, AES 256-bit encrypted hyper-converged NAS server family in the open market purposed for physical data transportation.

ServerPack™ Edge is our “Data Center in a Box”, a utility/battery/solar powered system, designed and built specifically for the upcoming revolution of 5G and Edge Computing


all our product families share the following features

Template Military-grade materials with many layers of protection. The combination of unique, patented shock-dumping and absorbing techniques with the "floating" sub-chassis design ensures shock and vibration immunity. Together with the Pelicase exoskeleton, the devices are physical data-protection fortresses. rock-solid Tell me more Compact, carry-on size. Lightweight, with extensive use of aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber. Can fly as check-in luggage not fearing typical “catch and throw” handling in airports. Shippable by express courier services. Rolling on rough and bumping terrains with our patented extra wheels and their own, separate shock absorbers. ultra-portable Tell me more Tell me more Waterproof & dust-proof, protected from floods by design (IP67 outside, IP52 connectors inside). With positive buoyance, i.e. floating on water, or submersible (if preferred). Can stand and operate on mud, sand or into 0.5 ft of water. Can operate under snow or light showers up to 1 min straight. weather-proof Tell me more Design that allows portable use on wheels, untinerrupted function on the rack, even “side of the road” operation (with special environmental housings). Most of our models are battery-operated. All of them carry Universal AC/DC power inputs and can get their power from batteries or solar collectors. versatile



"Acromove Inc. [is] a manufacturer of unique hyper-converged portable NAS and Thunderbolt RAID equipment (...). ServerPack is designed to act as an economical conduit between cloud data sources and datacenter or on premises destinations, especially when web connectivity is a problem. Together with Acromove's ServerPack mobile platform, QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition is ideal for on-site media and film production or content distribution."
"Acromove manufactures portable NAS and RAID computer systems, one of only a few companies innovating in the hardware space. When you first see an Acromove product you notice immediately that it is built for the way you always wanted to work, unbound from massive racks of equipment but with the advanced capabilities you need for the modern era of computing, including the Industrial IoT. Acromove’s products are true inventions informed by experience and crafted with art."
"designed to speed up the time data sets can move"
"offers up to 20% more capacity compared to competing products"
"If there’s a disaster, an enterprise could use an appliance"
"a changing point in mass data migration to the cloud"


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