Igniting the Edge Cloud

Edge Computing has yet to take off

Despite all of the enthusiastic market predictions for Edge computing in the last 5 years, the market has yet to take off.
The fundamental roadblock in the market is hiding in plain sight — customers do not want edge computers,
they want cloud computing at the Edge.

The market is demanding cloud computing infrastructure at the Edge

But the Edge Cloud problem is not just a simple extension of the current cloud computing paradigm and infrastructure.
The cloud is defined by having a small number of massive, centralized data centers – 10s of locations with 10s of 1000s of computers.
The Edge Cloud problem is exactly the reverse. Edge computing needs to be everywhere, but you only need a handful
of computers at each site – 10s of 1000s of locations with only 10 computers. Solving the reverse problem represented by the Edge Cloud
will require serious innovation and not just an incremental improvement to the current cloud computing model.

The Edge Cloud requires an innovative new infrastructure model

Edge Cloud in-a-Box
A true cloud computing experience for the Edge

Edge Cloud in-a-Box is a hardware and software solution that delivers a full set of Edge computing needs
with all of the advantages that IT customers have grown accustomed to in cloud computing – completely outsourced
infrastructure with no capital outlay, economies of scale making it both cost efficient and more secure,
eliminating the need to build and maintain your own data centers.


Scale it up and down as your
requirements change. Rent
as much Edge computing
capability as you need,
when you need it.

Zero Installation
and Maintenance

No technical staff required
for installation and maintenance
– just plug in the power and a
network connection and off you
go. In case of failure,
we ship a new box that anyone
can swap.


Built-in AcroTrace™,
the most advanced security,
forensic and tracking system
for maximum data protection
and chain-of-custody reporting.

Built-in Controlled

No need to build controlled
data center environments to
house the Edge computers.
The environmental control is
built into our modular infra-
structure. No external cool-
ing or UPS is needed.

Remote Management

The Edge Cloud in-a-box modular
system can operate with all
well-known managed service
applications like IBM Edge
Application Manager, Azure
Arc, AWS ECS, Google Anthos
and with our AcroCloud and
Acrotrace platforms.


All of Acromove’s products
are paid for by use – OPEX,
not CAPEX – just like the

Edge Cloud in-a-Box Building Blocks

The building blocks for Acromove’s AcroCloud™, Edge Cloud in-a-Box, are: the ServerPack Edge™, BladePack Edge™ and NetPack Edge™–
servers specialized for storage, processing and networking, respectively. Each building block is a self-contained and ruggedized
Edge Data Center in a carry-on size and weight case, with a built-in UPS and cooling system for installation in custom outdoor structures
or in a rack inside a container or a shelter.

Tailor a system to your needs anywhere, within minutes by combining building blocks.

ServerPack™ Edge

General computing or Storage
centric building block

  • 32 vCore CPU server node
    with 128GB Ram
  • Nvidia or AMD GPU
  • Up to 144TB of flash
    accelerated storage
  • 10-port 10GbE switch
  • Dual 40GbE network
  • WiFi5 mesh access point
  • LTE/5G gateway
  • SDN Router with VPN
  • High-capacity Li-ion UPS

BladePack™ Edge

High density CPU and GPU
Processing building block

  • 2x 128 vCore CPU server nodes
    with 512GB Ram
  • 2x Nvidia Tesla GPU 
  • Up to 60TB flash storage
  • 10-port 10GbE switch 
  • Dual 40/50/100GbE network 
  • WiFi5 mesh access point 
  • LTE/5G gateway
  • SDN router with VPN
  • High-capacity Li-ion UPS

NetPack™ Edge

Top of Rack 100GbE
Networking building block

  • 16 port 100GbE SN2100
    Mellanox switch
  • 10/25/40/50/100 GbE
  • WiFi5 mesh access point
  • LTE/5G gateway
  • SDN Router with VPN
  • High-capacity Li-ion UPS