Private 5G Networks
for Live TV Broadcast
and other use cases

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Stop waiting on the future of 5G. Elevate to seamless, high-speed connectivity with our Private 5G Network In-a-Box, anytime, anywhere.

Fusion of Private 5G connectivity with Edge Datacenter

Integrated within our Edge Datacenter system, the Private 5G Network In-a-Box combines multicore CPU, GPU, ultra-fast NVMe storage, and remote management. This all-in-one solution delivers high-speed, low-latency communications alongside robust, on-site data processing and storage, enhancing live events and critical operations with secure, efficient, on-premise Edge Cloud connectivity.

Rapid Deployment for Live Broadcasts and Critical Comms

Private 5G Network In-a-Box stands as a versatile solution, engineered for the dynamic requirements of any industrial or commercial user requiring fast and reliable connectivity. With the ability to deploy up to 4x Small Cells with remote power, in minutes, enabling broad coverage. It is perfectly suited for broadcasters, emergency services, and event organizers, streamlining operations confidently across diverse industries.

Fast, Easy and more Affordable than anything else!

Can be powered by anything… anywhere…

Easy to Ship and Travel with…

Designed for easy transport, our Private 5G Network In-a-Box features airline-friendly SoftCases, making it perfect for global operations. With two cases, each under 32Kg, the kit complies with airline regulations, including removable Li-ion batteries for air travel. Optional AcroTrace ensures your system is trackable, providing security and peace of mind during transport.

Not only Portable systems….

Private 5G System General RF and performance Specs