AcroTrace™ is the control and command center for all devices that carry AcroTrace™. Our 360 Track and Trace system that combines a very wide set of sensors, a Level-4 communication and telemetry module, the device geolocation brain and the mission routines set up by the device owner. More details to be released after beta testing is complete. Access to AcroTrace™ will be offered as SaaS option, or bundled with premium products.

AcroTrace™ combines hardware and software Root-Of-Trust technologies into a unique platform for protecting data-in-flight.

A Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver that aggregates different satellite constellations to get an accurate fixing in difficult, but common, conditions. GNSS encompasses the US-owned GPS, European GALILEO, Australian QZSS (works only in the pacific) and Russian GLONASS standards.

GSM cell tower information and signal levels are gathered while in low power reception state and during the movement of the device when there is insufficient GNSS reception. When sent to the Device Gateway PlatformTM (DGP) these measurements are translated to location fixing within a 300ft radius.

AcroTrace™ gathers WiFi SSIDs during the movement of the device even when there is insufficient GNSS reception

The Device Gateway Platform™

Acromove Device Gateway Platform™ (DGP) is a SaaS platform that can be used on our secure web site or be white labeled and run to your facilities or server of choice. It fuses multiple sources of measurement with additional publicly-available information to accurately locate the ServerPack and create a location log showing where it has been. Its design conserves energy and minimizes the data budget from the GSM provider with a custom and secure communication protocol that is always encrypted with state of art technologies.