(pronounced “vë-lōs”)

The Data Migration Accelerator

Whether you need to transfer data from server-to-server or country-to-country it needs to be done as rapidly as possible.

VeloΣ™ speeds up the local collection and transfer of thousands/millions of small files which is the bane of every other copy method. We have seen 300% increased speeds under normal circumstances. VeloΣ™ transfers large files much faster due to the way it shards files into chunks that pack into a stream, maximizing bandwidth utilization. DICOM and raw media files get special treatment to speed transfers.

VeloΣ™ includes WAN acceleration as fast as Aspera or Signiant for transferring data over long distances. Transfer smaller datasets to or from ServerPack 35 anywhere around the world without per-GB charges.

VeloΣ™ has a simple drag-and-drop GUI. It has tools for automating the transfer process so it can be operated by non-technical personnel, including queues, recursive tasks, and hot folders.

Interface GUI

VeloΣ™ provides a simple GUI to access all its features. It opens in a browser window and is also accessible remotely using an IP address or with CLI. A drop-down list in the upper right links to the online documentation and the Acromove web site for more information and support.

The features are easily accessible on tabs which include: Dashboard, New job, Bandwidth (BW) Throttling, User Admin, Folder Admin, and System Admin. After setting up the system, copying folders and files is done by drag-and-drop so it can be operated by non-technical personnel.

Use the integrated mounting feature to mount your NFS or SMB share through the same interface, without the need to touch the CLI