Acromove Partners with 4K Solutions to Kickstart AFCEA WEST 2019




Acromove Inc.

February 1st, 2018 Los Angeles, CA

Acromove’s ServerPack35™ is the most secure data transportation and storage system for the Government. A reliable appliance with security features for all sectors, and a perfect product for Defense, State and Local Government and the Intelligence Community. Providing cost-effective, scalable, and encrypted solutions whether on land, sea or air, ServerPack35™ improves efficiency and automation of data safety, analysis and transfer. Security is no issue for the ServerPack™ .

4k Solutions, Acromove’s™ new Government reseller, was founded in 2006 by David Theriault, a US Air Force Special Operations and Ranger veteran of 20+ years of service. His mission is to provide innovative, rugged and portable IT to his community, most of which he engineered and developed as assignment-tailored infrastructure. Theriault, 4k Solutions’ President, expresses his confidence in the success of Acromove’s™ endeavor towards the military sectors when he says,“I am really looking forward to bringing the ServerPack to WEST. I think it will be a really great fit and has fantastic potential with the Navy and Military. It’s a great addition to the show and compliments 4K Solutions’ products perfectly.”  Moving 1TB of data to the cloud with a high-speed 100Gb Ethernet pipeline and file transfer acceleration software such as Aspera will take about 24 hours. Theriault agrees that, “this is a best-case scenario that is rarely available.” If you have 50TB to move, it will take over 50 days. There’s no economy of scale, it’s all based on math.

Moving large datasets from one location to another can be difficult, tedious and time consuming. ServerPack35™ gets your data from Los Angeles to New York in 4 days via checked baggage or courier service. If something were to go wrong during transportation, ServerPack35™ would be able to notify you. It has drop/shock and tamper resistance monitoring as well as pressure and humidity control for shipping. The data is hardware encrypted, satellite tracked and your ServerPack35™ unit will even float if it is dropped in the water. You will receive notification if someone opens, drops, or attempts to access your data without authorization and you will be able to see exactly where it is no matter where you are shipping it to.

ServerPack35™ is a unique portable NAS using an 8-core Xeon processor (optional 16-core) with up to 144TB raw storage (120TB with RAID6). It includes GbE and 10GbE copper and can be outfitted with 10GbE SFP+ and 40GbE QSFP+ network connections. All internal components are shock-mounted and the Pelican case it comes in is IP67-rated for water and dust protection. Stored data is protected with AES-256 encryption and the enclosure is tamper-resistant. The system is sized to ship as airline luggage for economy and weighs about 65 pounds with disks for inexpensive shipping.

ServerPack35™ can be configured with any operating system and software required by the end-user. The first major client of this system installed Ubuntu Linux and OSNEXUS QuantaStor Migration Edition for a ZFS-based mass data transfer appliance. Big data ingestion is about moving data – especially unstructured data – from where it is originated, into a system where it can be stored and analyzed.

Acromove™ will be Showcasing at AFCEA WEST, the premier naval conference and exposition on the west coast. WEST is now in its 29th year of bringing the military and industry leaders together. Co-sponsored by AFCEA international and the U.S. Naval Institute, WEST is the only event in which the makers of platforms and the designers of technologies can network, discuss and demonstrate their solutions in a single locale. Taking place at the San Diego convention center on February 13-15, 2019. Acromove™ and 4k Solutions will be exhibiting in booth No. 606.

More information is available at their web site and, and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Look for the handle #WEST2019.

About Acromove™ Inc.

Acromove™ Inc. manufactures hyper-converged portable NAS servers and Thunderbolt RAID systems for moving large datasets and edge computing workflows. Newly incorporated in the USA in March 2017, Acromove™ is the former MotionFX, established in Athens Greece in 2014 but with roots that go back to 2001. The founders are pioneers in the field of Digital Video hard disk recording systems.

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