Acromove provides Private 5G and Edge Cloud Data Center Infrastructure solutions.
Our novel solutions enable enterprises to transfer massive amounts of data effortlessly
and to bring a true cloud computing experience to the Edge.

Two emerging technologies will define the next decade –
5G networks and AI/ML Edge applications.


To get the benefit of these new technologies, the computing paradigm will have
to change. Centralized clouds cannot deliver the speeds made possible by 5G networks
and needed by users of AI applications in the real world.
This is what is driving edge computing. But, edge computing can not be a simple extension of the cloud.

This new era requires a paradigm shift.

Acromove has re-imagined computing for the edge generation with AcroCloud. AcroCloud delivers
exactly the cloud compute capabilities that you need, where you need them and when you need them.

Acromove is exactly what is needed
to ignite edge computing and 5G