Data Center Consolidation
The Carrefour Experience

Many large enterprises have several data centers in various places, or they acquire a host of new data centers via mergers and acquisitions. Companies with multiple data centers are constantly re-evaluating their needs, balancing how much they should keep on premise and how much it should go to a public cloud. With new more efficient data center technologies and public cloud options, most companies are moving to consolidate their data centers into larger and more efficient regional facilities. Once again there is a need for mass data migration and there are no public cloud company data migration services available to help. Acromove is the perfect solution for on-premise data storage and use of Public or Private clouds.

Acromove’s client Gulf Business Machines (GBM) in Dubai, IBM’s strategic partner in the Gulf region, was contacted by Carrefour, one of the world’s largest food retailers, to do a regional data center consolidation. GBM analyzed their needs and provided several ServerPack 35 models that include extra security features. Carrefour is concerned about protecting data in an increasingly digitized world. Using a ServerPack 35 as a data transport closed-loop system, GBM was able to guarantee the sensitive customer and financial data was never exposed to hackers during weeks of transfer.

Carrefour is in the middle of a corporate-wide data transformation. Data plays a significant role in Carrefour’s customer-centric strategy. They are modernizing their e-commerce platforms, developing in-store innovation, and initiating an ambitious data tech and cloud strategy. As their needs change and shift, they will rely on Acromove and GBM to help them achieve their data migration goals.