Data Migration Use Cases

Transfer up to 100 TB of data per day. On-demand, when you need it.

When datasets get large, it is impractical to use the Internet for data transfer. Speedy connections cost a lot to set up
and maintain or may even not be available. Security can also be an issue on public networks.
With Acromove’s ServerPack™ 35 data migration server you can migrate
a Petabyte between any data center and a cloud service in days, not months.
You just download the data using fast local Ethernet connections and ship the device(s) to your remote data center or the cloud
provider of your choice. Acromove has been delivering these sophisticated data migration capabilities worldwide since 2017
for a wide variety of interesting and difficult use cases.

See how enterprises use Acromove for data migration

IBM turns to Acromove
for mass data transfer to
its public cloud.

Paychex uses Acromove to move
data from one public cloud to a
different public cloud.

Carrefour consolidates its data
centers into larger and more efficient regional facilities with Acromove.

Transferring terabytes from autonomous vehicles fast and securely using Acromove.

Migrating data from offshore oil
rigs and exploration ships with

Moving data off the set into the post-production process in digital cinematography with Acromove.