Data Transfer to a Public Cloud
The IBM Experience

Over the last decade, there has been an accelerating move by enterprises to move their IT and data processing to the cloud because it is simpler, cheaper, and scalable and it gets them out of the data center business which is not core to their strategic value. Over the years, these companies have accumulated vast amounts of historical data that are needed by their IT services. AWS was the first to build its own data migration product called Snowball. Since then, every public cloud vendor has had to figure out a solution to help their customers move their customer’s data to their cloud.

In 2017, IBM Cloud, the fourth largest public cloud vendor in the US, started their Mass Data Migration Service. IBM considered at building their own device like Amazon’s or finding a better solution in the commercial market. Atter looking at all of their options, IBM chose Acromove’s ServerPack 35 to be the backbone of the service. IBM wanted a solution that would reflect the IBM brand for reliability, security, and technical superiority. They chose Acromove because it is the fastest, simplest, most reliable, and secure data migration solution available. IBM has steadily increased their use of Acromove over the last four years. They have 100 units servicing their customers in 14 regions around the world. IBM services some of the most demanding clients uploading hundreds of terabytes of extremely sensitive data.