Moving Data from One Public Cloud to a Different Public Cloud
The Paychex Experience

There are times when enterprises want to move their data from one public cloud vendor to another. This use case is becoming far more important as most IT customers want to have a multi-cloud option for more flexibility in services and pricing. Every public cloud vendor offers a low cost, subsidized service to move customer data into their cloud because they see this as a cost of customer acquisition. But no cloud vendor wants to help move a customer’s data out of their cloud and they are not going to let a competitor make this move either.

This was exactly the problem faced by Paychex, the leader in outsourced HR and payroll services. The company needed to move their data from the IBM cloud to the Oracle cloud. After doing some research, they learned that IBM used Acromove technology for all of their mass data migration and so they came to us to solve their cloud-to-cloud migration problem.