Acromove™ Rental Service

* Approximate compressed capacity of regular database data, raw capacity 120TB and in Raid Z6 100TB, ** Prices are not including shipping and insurance

Rent a ServerPack™ 35

  • Don’t want to invest in buying a unit?
  • Don’t know whether it suits your needs?
  • Have an one-time job?
  • Don’t want to lock on Amazon cloud?

Our turnkey, fully managed rental service is designed for you.

Four times more affordable, three times faster than online data transfer over 1 GBit lines and without limitations.

Have a ServerPack™35 delivered to your doorstep, post it anywhere you like, return. As simple as that.

Get the same incredible device trusted by IBM Cloud!

How it Works

After we discuss your needs and you place the order, you get delivered by courier the unit(s) you requested. Whatever our quoted price, it will always include all courier and insurance fees for the round trip to you and back to us. You just focus on your job; we keep all the hassle.

What you get is SP 35, our top of the line product, with all security and traceability features on, including private key generator and AES-256 encryption.

Ability to also include AcroTrace™, our 360 Track and Trace system that combines a wide set of sensors that will help you track and detect the current state of your system.

Each unit comes preloaded with FreeNAS, but you can setup your own OS. You just enter your own secret keys, setup your NAS pool and load your data.

Then just notify us with the tracking number that your package is ready to dispatch and when it returns back to you. The courier must be a top tier service like UPS Global, DHL or Fedex. Unless you need bank-level security (e.g. armored truck transfer) that we can also arrange. We will keep tracking your ServerPack whereabouts using our GPS tracing service keeping your valuable data safe.

After your data is unloaded at the remote location, we will guide you on how to wipe out everything (data and software) using NIST 800-88 Revision1 recommended method or any method you like (in a typical scenario, you will receive the unit(s) back at the dispatch location to perform the task). We will never know what was inside.

Then, you just return us the unit(s). But just to make sure, as soon as we get every unit back we perform our own, GDPR and HIPAA certified total purge of the disks, and email you the report. Job done.



  • 1 x SP35 unit
  • 120 TB Raw
  • Enterprise HDDs (Seagate)
  • 360 Insurance
  • Track & Trace
  • DGP access

*NOTE: Charging starts the day you get the device and ends when we get it back. All calendar days included. Excess days are charged with $200/day. Maximum rental is 3 months per device per order. T&Cs apply.


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