Why you need an AcromoveTM server

Offline Mass Data Migration

When datasets get large, it is impractical to use the internet for transfer; speedy connections cost a lot to set up and maintain or may even not be available, and security can be an issue. With Serverpack™ 35 you can migrate a Petabyte between any data center and a cloud service in days, not months. You just download the data and ship the device to your remote data center or the cloud provider of your choice.

Remote IT Locations

You need a Serverpack™ 35 when WAN connectivity is weak or non-existent. Transferring massive data from deep-water vessels, off-shore oil rigs, or wind farms in remote locations is what we designed ServerPacks to do. No other server-class device is waterproof, dust-proof, ruggedized, shock-resistant, and engineered for hard work to the very last bolt and screw. No more LTO's, no more hassle.

Data Protection on the Road

Whenever precious data is taken outside of the security of a data center, data protection is the primary concern. With our suite of hardware and software features, Serverpack™ 35 guarantees regulatory compliance, whether it is GDPR, HIPAA or any of the financial industry regulations. And AcroTrace™, the device's Geolocation Brain, offers the ability to track the device wherever it goes, inside buildings, on the road, or even underground.

Remote Filming Locations

Digital cinematography under harsh conditions requires durability, autonomy and a small form-factor. ServerPack 35™ and ServerPack Edge™ each have an important role to play in the modern high-resolution file-based workflow. Collecting and moving multi-terabyte files is a difficult task made easy by ServerPack™ 35 with its huge capacity of 192TB. ServerPack™ Edge can become a local image processing workstation with its integral GPU, its WiFi hotspot makes it the perfect local review system, and it can all be controlled remotely.

Use Cases

Big Data Migration

A data migration project is usually undertaken to move data from local servers to a cloud hosting provider. Other examples include the relocation of data to new data centers, the replacement or upgrade of servers, the consolidation of databases , or server maintenance. ServerPack 35™ is specifically designed to facilitate all such projects and more. Transferring large amounts of data (over 30-50TBs) is more complicated than you think, especially when there are no leased high-speed lines available. Data transfer over Wide Area Network connections is usually inadequate and not recommended for security reasons, and it is time-consuming. On the other hand, whenever data is moved outside of a secure datacenter it must be protected at all costs. You can load a ServerPack™ 35 through any of the 4 high-speed ports (10/40/56/100 GbE copper or fiber) or all of them simultaneously. Security and regulatory compliance are controlled with 14-tier protection and tracing architecture, while you can rely on a Xeon with 4-16 core CPUs and up to 128 GB of RAM for high performance. ServerPack™ 35 is a full scale, robust server as much it is a data carrier, allowing you to analyze data faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than any other solution available.

Physical vs online data transfer of 100 TB

With ServerPack™: 5 days (includes time to load data, time to unload and intrastate courier shipping)
5 days
With 1GBit Internet Connections at both ends, at 80% bandwidth utilization for a specific data transfer: 20 days
20 days
With 100 MBit Internet Connection at 90% bandwidth utilization for upload: 100 days
100 days
...and what if you need to move hundreds or thousands of terabytes?

Moving data with ServerPack™ ALWAYS takes as few days as the shipping time; you just stack and ship more devices together.

Oil & Gas / Geophysical Sciences

Off-shore oil rigs and exploration ships generate several terabytes of data per day, collected in modern data centers on the platform. The standard method of copying data to LTO tapes is slow and inefficient. There was no high performance, high capacity mobile computer system that could withstand the rigors of transporting all that data before the introduction of ServerPack™ 35, and there is no other system able to do the job to the day as fast and safely as a ServerPack™ 35. And if it goes overboard, it floats. Once moved to shore, there is also the danger of theft or damage to the data before it can make its way to the secure data center. Using ServerPack™ 35, you can rely on its industry-first device tracking system that monitors the system until it arrives safely, protects it with encryption and may even make the data useless to prying eyes with rapid destruction if necessary. Put simply, ServerPack™ 35 is a self-contained data “fortress”, designed to work lightning-fast in the field, withstand tough handling on the move and return safely to base at all costs. That’s protection taken to the max.

Disaster Recovery

Both ServerPack™ 35 and ServerPack™ EDGE (our upcoming model specifically developed for IoT setups) can be a lifeline to a stricken business or population during a disaster. You can use any of the two systems to maintain near-business-as-usual work when a building is damaged beyond functioning, while also maintaining continuous data access and processing. Your job may be at the IT dept. of a flooded hospital, a command-and-control center in a disaster area or in a rescue operation in the most remote regions. In all cases, a ServerPack™ will secure business continuity in the field no matter what. Both devices are completely weatherproof for use in adverse conditions and share a common powerful computing platform; ServerPack™ EDGE also will come with optional built-in WiFi, integrated 2Ghz/5Ghz access point with DHCP server together with sophisticated bandwidth management, a 3-port Gigabit Ethernet switch and built-i power station. And, there is always the option for a GSM/GPS tracker to pinpoint the device's location from a remote command and control center.


The Department of Defense, and Government in general, requires a secure and extensible cloud environment from the home front to the global tactical edge. What is needed is the ability to rapidly access compute and storage capacity to meet battlefield challenges at the “speed of relevance”. The ability to collect, organize, analyze, secure, scale, and capitalize on critical information must be ubiquitously available to all decision makers, especially in the field. ServerPack™ Edge is designed to work in situations where there are connectivity limitations, bandwidth constraints, high network connection costs, legacy environment challenges, and remote locations.

Telco Installations and 5G

Cloud today is Centralized in Data Centers thousands of miles away from users. Data speeds and latency are bound to the maximum available backbone network capacity. All user interactions and data must pass through this bottleneck. To deliver the promised 5G Gigabit speeds we need to make the Cloud distributed and closer to the users. ServerPack™ Edge can become an integrated 5G network hub running OpenRAN with a Xilinx accelerator and super-fast local data processing to create powerful local networks for the Internet-of-Things.

Autonomous Vehicles R&D - IoT Megadata

The amount of data generated by just one autonomous test car ranges between 11 TB and 152 TB per day, and may even exceed 50 PB a year. The usual case is to have a bulky PC platform in the trunk with swappable SSD arrays interchangeable with new ones as they fill. Test engineers back at HQ pool data from tens or hundreds of these roving vehicles, sometimes distributed across many different locations. The more complex and data-intensive the scenario, the more valuable is a ServerPack™ (either the 35 or the EDGE variant) as your preferred solution. Our shockproof server mounts directly in the trunk of most vehicles, not only sedans but as tiny as a SMART; the upcoming EDGE model will even run off the car’s DC power. ServerPack™ 35 built-in network ports connect directly to the vehicle's RADAR, LIDAR, and HD cameras to record all wired signals in real time, while the EDGE will also be able to collect all wireless signals. And when the device is full you simply disconnect and send it to HQ where the data is uploaded for analysis, then install a new unit to keep things running. Having hundreds of TB per device, with a trio of ServerPack's you will typically use one device per week per vehicle, keep the second one as your backup device on site, while the third one will be travelling to headquarters.

Edge Computing

The primary reasons for deploying edge computing are to significantly reduce network processing delays for time-critical applications, and to reduce the amount of data that needs to be sent upstream to cloud-based deployments. That “edge” could be on a factory floor where smart robots are constantly generating data about their work; drones with sensors surveying vast farming operations to identify water and nutrient needs; at a busy hospital collecting patient data, MRIs and documentation on operations in PACS/RIS/LIS/EMR systems; or even in a regional law firm assembling discovery and forensic data on complex legal cases. Any of the two members of the ServerPack™ product family, i.e. ServerPack™ 35 in most cases, or the upcoming ServerPack™ EDGE variant for some more demanding scenaria, is the most versatile platform for deploying to the cloud’s edge wherever it is located. Although our unique rackmounts allows any ServerPack™ to be installed in a rack, the units are designed to work even in unusual situations, as hyper-converged servers combining computing, storage and networking. You can configure any ServerPack™ to work as part of a cluster of devices or to be used as stand-alone storage and either transmit processed data over the internet or transfer it physically with any common courier or carrier service. Sheer processing power also allows for data extraction optimization, or running simulations in the field. A ServerPack™ can even be monitored or controlled remotely. Data is physically protected and encrypted, while the device is traced at all times. The upcoming ServerPack™ EDGE variant will also carry built-in batteries than will allow it to also work as a standalone UPS, enabling the server to work up to 4 hours without external power supply.

Retail Edge Sites and ROBO

Remote branches face a challenge of working locally while being connected to a headquarters datacenter. ROBOs (Remote Office Back Office) have limited power, space, bandwidth, on-site IT expertise, and are difficult to manage. Edge computing helps an organization carry out operations and tasks effectively under constraints such as cost, power, and network connectivity. ServerPack™ Edge and the other “Edge Cloud In a Box” products simplify setting up and maintaining the IT infrastructure of this new distributed cloud architecture.

Digital Cinematography & Media

a. Modern film productions work in 4K to 8K resolutions, and the digital cameras (Arri, Red, Panasonic, and Sony) generate 5TB and more of data every day. Moving that data off the set and into the post-production process is difficult and time consuming. Acromove gives you two solutions, each one with its own advantage. ServerPack™ 35 is the best portable, encrypted NAS server in the market to store and transfer large datasets from the filming site to the base (studio premises, post production facilites, etc). The ThunderPack™ Mini Mk II, on the other hand, can be your handy direct-attached RAID array for storing your dailies and performing DIT work on-site. It is a ruggedized, ultra-portable RAID 5/6 recorder that can operate almost everywhere: on a camera cart, in a vehicle, in a helicopter, in direct contact with the ground, even in sand, mud or water. It can be carried as a backpack and you can even cross a river swimming with it, since it floats when the lid is closed. Transfers of 40TB take less than 2 hours, while other portable systems using USB3 take no less than 16 hours. Just set it on the lower level of the cart, connect your camera data card reader and off you go. And when a couple of shots are needed in the middle of nowhere using a set of fill lights, ThunderPack™ Mini has enough power capacity to run everything for up to 4 hours.