Any location, any terrain, any weather, any data...

All our products are robust by design, withstanding shocks and vibrations, transport misuse, and weathertight, while they remain operational indoors as well as outdoors. Also, the top access form factor design allows any of our devices to operate anywhere from within their cases while standing vertically; whether it stands in your office, your data center, on water, mud, sand, snow or in the middle of the jungle.

Ford Transit Van

From the rack, to a van, on the go

Using our RackDock 19” rack shelf, any ServerPack™ can be easily mounted on your rack horizontally occupying 6Us. RackDock 19” rack shelf is built with aircraft grade aluminium. As such, it is very lightweight but extremely strong, making it ideal for mobile use inside an autonomous vehicle, a Van or a scientific aircraft. Multiple ServerPacks can easily fill a small panel van in racks and accommodate up to 5 PB of high-speed RAID-6 storage with a total weight not exceeding 1.3 tons. When the job is finished you can remove the ServerPacks from the van and use them as individual units. No need to build a dedicated semi-trailer that takes days or weeks to travel to a job just to sit around while data is transferred any more.

In the wild

One device, multiple functions. All our current products inherit their design from our legacy ThunderPack™ Mk I series, that was originally designed to handle the demanding environment of film production in the wild. Speed of deployment, ease of transport as an airline carry-on or as check-in luggage, wheels with shock absorbers for rough terrain, operating in mud, on a beach, in a rainforest in Borneo, fly on a helicopter with heavy vibrations, or in the back of a Land Rover while roaming the savannas of Africa – these were the typical requirements for a ThunderPack™ class device. Now all these properties have been implemented in our new lines, ServerPack™ 35, ServerPack™ EDGE and ThunderPack™ Mini Mk II.



They work and sound like a breeze

All models of our ServerPack™ series are very quiet, with low fan noise allowing use on a cinema production set where sound is being recorded. In all our products, inside the chassis every flat surface is covered with a special sound damping foam/rubber lining. The main fans are all mounted on rubber grommets. The intake causes the airflow to follow an “S” path through the sound absorbing foam/rubber lining so there is no hissing. ServerPack™ is whisper quiet at 36 dBs, while ThunderPack™ Mini Mk II is practically noiseless.

Keep going

ServerPack™ extra-fitted SoftWheels can be attached to the case allowing rolling over cobblestone streets, up curbs and steps. ThunderPack™ Mini Mk II is so small that, of courses, misses the wheels (has got no wheels at all), but shares with the ServerPack™ family all other shock-resistant features, both outside and inside the box.


Customized the way you like

A ServerPack™ is a highly configurable portable Server, offering: • Any combination of network ports (four total): 1Gbit, 10Gbit, 25Gbit, 40Gbit, 56Gbit, SFP+, QSFP+, RJ45. • IPMI and VGA/USB connectivity for remote and local management. • Xeon CPUs with 4, 8 12 or 16 cores, up to 128GB of RAM, SuperDOM SSD boot disk with additional NVMe cache options. • 12 drive bays that can accommodate 3.5” HDD or 2.5” SSD drives or a combination.
ThunderPack™ Mini Mk II, on the other hand, comes in 4 flavours to meet your needs and cover all possible setups for small-to-medium productions.