Edge Computing World 2021


The Only Event That Brings Together the Entire Edge Ecosystem with Developers and Users to Drive Forward the Next Evolution of the Internet

Edge Computing World is finally coming to Europe! For 2021 we will bring you the same high quality content and networking that won widespread plaudits in previous years, in a fully virtual environment, with an exciting, interactive format that will allow you to connect seamlessly with colleagues and new contact accross the region. Overall, 1500+ end users, developers and ecosystems experts are expected to participate.

Why Attend Edge Computing World Europe? Join us in driving the next evolution of the internet. A diverse range of high growth application areas – including AI, IoT, NFV, Augmented Reality, video, cloud gaming & self-driving vehicles – are creating new demands that cannot be met by existing infrastructure.

A new solution is required to deal with low latency, application autonomy, data security and bandwidth thinning, which all require greater capability closer to the point of consumption.

Attend Edge Computing World to accelerate the edge market and build the next generation of the internet.

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