Meet Acromove at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022

Acromove will exhibit its Edge Cloud datacenter infrastracture solutions at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

WHEN: February 28 – March 3, 2022
WHERE: Hall Congress Square Stand CS78. (Visit Acromove within the Greek National Pavilion (SEKEE – Hellenic Association of Innovative Applications Companies))

The full value of 5G networks will not be realized until they are deployed in conjunction with Edge computing, enabling the next generation of advanced applications such as AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, and industry 4.0 which all require very low latency. First generation of Edge solutions were either mini data centers that were cost prohibitive for scaled roll out or bare bones computers which didn’t offer cloud features that are a base requirement for all users today.

Acromove™ has solved the problem with AcroCloud™, a complete hardware and full software stack solution, that delivers a full set of Edge computing needs in a cloud business model and advances the Edge adoption curve by years.

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