Introducing the
New Edge Family

Acromove is introducing the ECiB™ (Edge Cloud in-a-Box), an entirely New Class of sub 10Kw ECiBs. A new ruggedized form factor, with an embedded security and tracing system that enables a “peace of mind” shipping with simple courier service, fully remote deployment by anyone, everywhere, within minutes, without special networking, cooling or UPS power needs and minimal local user intervention. Three building blocks that can individually operate or form large clusters that can scale up or down on demand, easily serviced by simple swapping of boxes, for indoors use, in an office or retail store, or on the move outside almost anywhere a man can go.

ServerPack™ Edge

ServerPack™ Edge, a portable and shippable data center in a box that brings new capabilities to the IIoT space. The General use, storage optimized a.EDC™ building block.
It combines a 32 vCores processing Server, GPU capable, >100TB of flash accelerated storage, a multiport 10G switch, WiFi mesh AP, LTE gateway, a software defined Router with advanced VPN capabilities and a high-capacity UPS. A truly unique portable device that establishes a hardware and software Root-of-Trust unit suitable for the most demanding use cases. Can support either 3.5'inch drives or 2.5'inch drives and M.2 SSDs.

BladePack™ Edge

RAW Computing power in a compact, shippable box. A fully autonomous compute node for your cluster at the edge. Integrates 2 separate nodes of up to 128 Virtual Cores (VCPUs) - 64 Physical Cores in a box, with high speed and capacity scratch storage arrays. Integrated UPS and out of band management, reachable over VPN tunnel via LTE, Wi-Fi or wired networks.


NetPack™ Edge

Datacenter grade, Enterprise Level Top of Rack networking rugged device. Offers three multiport ½ 19” network switch slots that can accommodate 10G, 25G, 40G or 100G SN2xxx Mellanox switches.
Offers the same robustness of the Edge Family with unparalleled network capabilities. With an Integrated UPS, NetPacK™ Edge will meet the networking and management needs of your cluster at the edge.

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ServerPack™ 35

ServerPack™ 35

ServerPack™ 35, the world's best portable server, able to meet your specific needs with a ton of options and alternatives, making it one of the most adaptable mobile servers in the market.
Options to include on-board environmental sensors and various GSM/Satellite tracking options.
Many choices for network connectivity available.

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