ServerPackTM 35


ServerPack™ 35, the world's best mobile server, comes in three versions; able to meet your specific needs with a ton of options and alternatives, making it one of the most adaptable mobile servers in the market.

Sp35 ultimate

The line's flagship; with all expansions, upgrades and extras available.


Top-of-the-line, including on-board environmental sensors and various GSM/Satellite tracking options.


Workhorse model with many choices for network connectivity. Options for adding sensors and GSM tracking.


Low-cost solution with huge storage and network connectivity.


Expected Q1/2019

We're developing the first ruggedized, powered, high capacity, portable NAS system in the market for deploying to the Edge. A complete, micro data center in a box. Click on the image to find out more.

Expected Q2/2019

The 2nd generation of our award-winning DIT Swiss-Army knife comes with more storage and the industry’s first encrypted Thunderbolt 3 hardware encryption. Click on the image to find out more.

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