ThunderPack™ Mk I

ThunderPack™ Mk I revolutionized portable, all-in-one systems for digital film and TV production. Its future-proof design easily handles the huge files generated by today’s 4K/6K/8K cameras with its Thunderbolt 2 or 3 interface and superior 120TB storage capacity. ThunderPack™ Mk I was the market-changer that simplified what are now complex workflows involving clumsy production carts, external equipment needed for high-resolution monitoring, fast storage arrays, and making sure there’s enough power available when it’s needed. ThunderPack™ Mk 1 combined a 24-drive 2.5” disk RAID array (up to 120TB RAID-0 or 110TB RAID-6), SAS3 access to an optional LTO-7 for backing up rushes, Gigabit Ethernet and a 3-port Gigabit Ethernet switch with DHCP server for connecting other devices, and a Blackmagic Design™ Decklink Duo video I/O card. ThunderPack™ Mk I is powered by a sophisticated 320W power management system, by any available 12V solar panel or even an external battery pack. It includes a 588Wh Li-ion battery UPS system with 6 batteries. With the Thunderbolt 3 interface available since Q3 2017, ThunderPack™ Mk I, although a legacy product, remains the fastest data transfer system of its kind in the market, delivering up to 3,300 MB/s using HDDs and nearly saturating the Thunderbolt 3 bus when using SSDs.
The case is outfitted with a unique large wheel system with shock absorbers for moving through rugged terrain.

ThunderPack™ Mini Mk I

ThunderPack™ Mini Mk I, the award-winning small brother of the ThunderPack™ family, does all that the big brother does with the only difference that it holds fewer discs due to its smaller package.

It connects to Apple™ MacBook Pro™, MacBook Air™ and MacPro™ “trash can” computers via a Thunderbolt 2/3 port, through which all commonly used software (Avid, FCP, Resolve, YoYotta, etc.) can access files directly and rapidly. Tablets and smartphones connect via ThunderPack’s optional WiFi module.

Of course, like its big "brother", it can power up almost everything, even a pair of fill lights for up to 4 hours.

Legacy Accesories

The ThunderPack™ family came with a ton of accessories, some of which have passed to our newest product lines proving their future-proof design and great usability, like the AcroWheels™ and the AcroSoft™ case. The ones that are not compatible with the new products can only be ordered by owners of the legacy products.