ServerPack™ 35 is a hyperconverged software-defined system (SDS) that combines storage, compute, networking, and virtualization technologies in a single physical unit. It is different from any other portable server in several ways.


  • A full-scale server in an ultra-portable format
  • Operating-system / software-application- agnostic, allowing it to be deployed in virtually any environment
  • Contains the most advanced security, forensic and tracking capabilities in the market today

ServerPack 35 can have a single 4/8/12/16-core CPU and up to 128GB RAM. It has 4 Ethernet ports that can be configured as 1/10/25/40/56-GbE copper or optical. 12 drive bays can accommodate 3.5” or 2.5” disks for up to 216TB of raw storage.

What truly sets ServerPack 35 apart from the competition is our on-board
network of environmental and positional sensors that make up AcroTrace™
for top-of-the-line chain-of-custody monitoring.