Revealing ServerPack™ EDGE at IoT Tech Expo!

The Alpha Prototype of ServerPack™ EDGE

Acromove’s new ServerPack™ EDGE brings new capabilities to the Industrial Internet of Things, combining compute, storage, and networking in a unique Hyper-Converged Appliance; literally a data center in a box.

November 12, 2018 Los Angeles, CA

The aim of Edge Computing is to deliver compute, storage, and bandwidth much closer to data inputs and end users, in the emerging field of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Acromove’s ServerPackTM Edge is designed to meet these needs in a unique portable server that establishes a hardware and software Root-of-Trust suitable for the most demanding use cases.

ServerPack™ EDGE brings a lot of technology together in a shockproof, weatherproof package that can be deployed in difficult environments or rack-mounted in a datacenter. Multiple Ethernet ports (a combination of 1/10/40/56 GbE, copper or SFP+/QSFP+) and integrated WiFi provide interconnectivity on factory floors, on-premise data centers or in remote locales. The system has a sophisticated power management system for AC/DC operation and a built-in UPS that provides power for up to 4 hours. ServerPack™ EDGE uses E-class Xeon processors (4-16 cores) to power any software the end user requires.

ServerPack™ EDGE full blow-out diagram

When real-time analytics and visualization are called for, ServerPack™ Edge offers a GPU (AMD or nVidia) that brings powerful co-processing capabilities. Acromove™ server-class architecture moves everything closer to the edge, to enable data processing and decision making where the data is generated, and with lower latency than moving all the data to the cloud. This new architecture offers additional capabilities to enable inter-operability between software and hardware ecosystem layers.

“Edge Computing is where all the excitement is these days,” says Evangelos Achillopoulos, Acromove™ CTO. “It is challenging to develop a new platform that carries all the high technology needed in a compact form factor. Our engineering team has done an excellent job on including features usually found in high-end servers into a small portable package that can be used practically anywhere”.

A major concern for using powerful compute platforms at the cloud’s edge is security. Acromove™ uses every possible security feature, including patent-pending proprietary technology, to guarantee the integrity of the system and its traceability. Stored data is protected with AES-256 encryption and the enclosure is tamper-resistant using a Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0), on-board sensors that monitor all internal components, and managed through an Acromove SaaS offering called the Device Gateway Platform™ (DGP). The DGP is a cloud-based platform that logs all system events, tracks the whereabouts of the devices, and allows for remote control and management of any project on which the ServerPack™ EDGE is deployed.

Acromove is debuting ServerPack™ EDGE at IoTTech Expo North America, Santa Clara 2018, booth No. 620.

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