ServerPack 35 – The first product in Acromove’s new Series lineup

In 2017, Acromove introduced their first product based on 3.5” HDDs called ServerPack35tm. It was developed for a major cloud service provider needing the highest possible capacity for migrating customer data to the cloud. It was developed with a unique internal mounting system with 12 x 3.5” disk slots that are immune to shocks and provides total security for the drives. Using newly available Seagate 12TB HDDs, ServerPack35tm holds 144TB of data. With RAID 5 the capacity is 132TB and with RAID6 it holds 120TB.

ServerPack35tm is the first product in a lineup that will include solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Disaster Recovery, and Data Migration.

ServerPacktm is our hyper-converged software-defined system that combines storage, compute, networking, and virtualization technologies in one physical unit that is managed as a single system. ServerPacktm is different from any other system in several ways – it is designed to be portable, it can include wireless and GPS capabilities, and it is operating system and software application agnostic – allowing clients to deploy it in virtually any environment. Public/Private Cloud storage and local datacenter systems have already established their value. Now there is the realization that many processes are better handled at the point where the data is generated with the results getting transferred to the cloud. This is known as “Edge (or Fog) Computing”. ServerPacktm is designed to function in this new architecture by acting as an economical conduit between data sources and destinations, especially when web connectivity is a problem.ServerPacktm can be configured with any operating system or software application needed for the task at hand. Users may install their own unique software stack to integrate with existing workflows, or we will install and test the necessary software for specific functions. Our first offering combines Ubuntu and OSNexus QuantaStor to deploy a secure ZFS-based Software Defined Storage network for moving large data sets into and out of the cloud. Additional examples for future deployment include Red Hat with Hortonworks DataFlow to capture and process data-in-motion for a Hadoop cluster and Microsoft Server 2016 within a complex Storage Spaces Direct architecture with multiple Containers.

ServerPack Tech Specs

ServerPacktm is built using advanced, lightweight materials including aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber elements. The unit is self-contained in an IP67-rated watertight, dustproof Pelican case. All components are securely ensconced within a shock-proof chassis where the drive bays “float” in patented caddies immune from vibration, connectors are isolated from direct contact with the chassis, and the unit can even be operated in standing water. It can be rack-mounted for extended use in a data center.

For network connectivity, ServerPacktm includes GbE and 10GbE copper with optional Fiber Channel (8/16 GbE), and 40/56/100 GbE fiber. It also has a SAS3 expansion port to connect to expanded storage or LTO drives.

Any time data is collected or moved outside of the secure data center, care must be taken to ensure its integrity. It can be controlled locally or remotely using an IPMI port with local monitor and USB ports. The enclosure is tamper-resistant.

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