Oil & Gas / Geophysical Sciences
The Katalyst Data Management Experience

Offshore oil rigs and exploration ships generate several terabytes of data per day, collected in modern data centers on the platform. The standard method of backing up data to LTO tapes has become too slow and inefficient.

Acromove’s ServerPack™ 35 is a first of its kind. It is a high capacity, high performance portable data migration server that can withstand the rigors of transporting data in difficult environments. There is no other system in the market to date able to do the job as fast and safely as a ServerPack™ 35.

If ServerPack 35 goes overboard, it floats. To protect from theft or damage to the data before it can make its way to the secure data center, customers rely on AcroTrace™, our novel device tracking system that monitors the system until it arrives safely, protects it with encryption and may even make the data useless to prying eyes with rapid destruction if necessary. ServerPack™ 35 is a self-contained data “fortress”, designed to work lightning-fast in the field, withstand tough handling on the move and return safely to base.

Acromove client Katalyst Data Management uses ServerPack 35 for their large-scale data migrations for customers such as ExxonMobil and Shell. Katalyst Data Management® provides the only integrated, end-to-end subsurface data management solution for the oil and gas industry. Katalyst has sent their ServerPack devices all over the world for data migration projects.

ServerPack 35 can be set up to work in any network environment whether it is Windows Server, Mac AFP, or Linux/Unix. Much of the data generated by the Oil & Gas industry is in the form of a unique file type called SEG, developed by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The files are a large integrated format that provide a convenient way to remotely view geophysical data collected by sensors and sub-sea RADAR. The file consists of a File Descriptor Block, one or more Trace Descriptor Blocks, and one or more Data Blocks. ServerPack 35 has the storage capacity (up to 216TB raw) to handle any amount of data without having to break up folders so reconstructing the data at headquarters is easier.