Meet Acromove at IoT in Oil & Gas Conference

Acromove is proud to be a Sponsor of the 7th Annual IoT in Oil & Gas Conference. Join us this September in Houston as oil & gas technology leaders gather in person to discuss the urgency and implementation of their digital transformation programs. (Save 20% with our code: AC20 or by clicking here)

Move Massive Amounts of Data from the Field to Data Center to Cloud

Offshore oil rigs and exploration ships generate several terabytes of data per day, collected in modern data centers on the platform. The standard method of backing up data to LTO tapes has become too slow and inefficient. Join us to learn about our AcroTransfer offering, which enables companies to move a Petabyte between any data center and a cloud service in days, not months.

Collect and Process Data in the Field

For remote operations like oil, mining, and shipping, the public cloud alone is not enough. These businesses depend on uninterrupted computing, and Internet connections to the cloud are not reliable. Oil rigs need to take advantage of the cloud, but they need it to be integrated with on-site, uninterruptible compute capabilities at the Edge.

Acromove’s Edge Cloud in-a-Box delivers a full set of Edge computing needs with all of the advantages found in cloud computing. The solution is a complete portable datacenter. No need to buy additional equipment, make any facility improvements, or hire special staff. Just plug an Acromove device in, connect it to the network, and you are up and running. The solution is also highly scalable. Choose just the right amount of compute power for each location and increase or decrease it over time as needed by just plugging and unplugging new devices. 

Visit Acromove at Booth # 34.

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