Acromove introduces AcroTransfer – the fastest, most secure, and lowest cost service to transfer massive amounts of data (>25TB)


Transfer twice as much data, at least 3x faster than any other solution

July 14, 2021, Los Angeles, CAAcromove, a provider of data transfer and Edge cloud data center infrastructure solutions, today announced AcroTransfer, an on-demand service for transferring massive data sets from one data center location to any other. Enterprises can move up to 100 terabytes (TB) each day for $600 per week, making it the fastest and lowest cost data transfer service available.

Filling a big gap in the data transfer market

The world’s data is expected to grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025 according to IDC. Transferring huge amounts of data (>25TB) is difficult and there are no great alternatives. Using the Internet to move data is slow and very expensive. Since most companies do not make these transfers very frequently, buying their own hardware is not cost effective. Big cloud providers subsidize equipment rental for data transfer, but this is for one purpose — transferring data into their cloud environment where they charge their customers a hefty price for ongoing storage. AcroTransfer solves the problem of vendor lock-in when it comes to data transfer.

“We provide a vendor agnostic service that enables enterprises to safely and efficiently move data between any cloud and data center environment when they need to, paying only for what they need,” said Evangelos Achillopoulos, Co-founder and CTO of Acromove.

What AcroTransfer includes:

The AcroTransfer service provides customers with everything they need to accomplish their massive data transfer:

  • A completely ruggedized, self-contained, ultraportable compute/data storage device that can withstand almost anything that the most careless shipping personnel can dish out
  • Security from start to finish — physical security to deter the most determined thief and software to track the data every second of its journey with the option to remotely render the data unreadable with the click of a button
  • Software that makes transfer a simple drag and drop as well as speeding the rate of data transfer by 3x while providing the most secure encryption available
  • No need to buy expensive hardware — customers pay for just what they need to get the job done

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About Acromove

Acromove provides data transfer and Edge cloud data center infrastructure solutions. The company manufactures the fastest and most secure data migration servers and delivers a key missing piece in Edge computing through its nano Edge data center in a box solution which brings a full set of Edge computing tools to the cloud business model. For more information, visit

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