ThunderPack Mini with up to 40TB

The new ThunderPack Minitm has the ability to reach 40Tbytes! An amazing achievement! That’s just the beginning of the good news too. The ThunderPack Mini™ is future-proof! It has a new Thunderbolttm 2 architecture that integrates internally a Thunderbolt to PCIe adapter thus a new ThunderPack Minitm can be upgraded to Thunderbolttm 3, with very little cost, when available!

Hold on there’s more… We listen to our clients and the new ThunderPack Minitm has an ARECA 1883i 12G SAS Raid controller with a 12G SAS/SATA expander and 12G SAS/SATA disk canisters! Also available are kits to accommodate ATTO and HighPoint controllers to fit all user’s tastes.

Read/Write speed with 24 disks has reached new heights. New ThunderPack Minitm saturates Thunderbolttm 2 wire speed to the maximum! Even in Raid 6, it achieves more than 1300Mbytes/sec write speed with just half of the disk! Imagine the capability when Thunderbolt™ 3 wire speed is available and using all 24 disks in one Raid!

Additionally, the new ThunderPack Minitm comes with a Pelican hard-shell carry case that allows it travel as your carry-on and fit in the overhead bins without worries. The case also includes a pressure release valve and is drop, shock and waterproof so you can travel with ease.

So come and see for yourself what pioneers in cinema class VR 3D 360° like Felix & Paul Studios are using to handle their huge data when they shooting these amazing VR 3D 360° videos in Borneo, Alaska, and Tanzania… See what their data wrangling ace in the sleeve is!

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