VeloΣ Data Migration Accelerator

Acromove VeloΣ Data Migration Accelerator

By Steve Crouch

SVP Worldwide Sales, Acromove Inc. May 3, 2021 – Los Angeles, California

The total amount and size of datasets is huge and will continue to grow as far as the eye can see. Multi-cloud, Edge, 5G, Hybrid, LEO Satellites (Low Earth Orbit) – these are all systems designed to accommodate and create a nearly unfathomable amount of bits and bytes that will be generated by organizations of every kind all around the world over the coming years.

Data storage capacity will evolve in parallel. Hard disks get larger, SSDs get cheaper (and bigger!), and fast nVME storage systems will become ubiquitous.

Connectivity between systems will also continue to improve as Ethernet speeds get faster, fiber networks expand, and wireless speeds increase. Oh, and airplanes get bigger and faster all the time, too (this will be explained later).

Acromove, manufacturer of the world’s best data migration device called ServerPack 35, is introducing a software platform to reconcile any company’s data migration needs in this ever-changing world. We call it the VeloΣ Data Migration Accelerator (pronounced “vë-lōs”).

Whether you need to transfer data server-to-server or country-to-country it needs to be done as rapidly as possible. Using VeloΣ, smaller datasets and files can be transmitted immediately at the absolutely fastest speed possible. If the dataset is 30TB or bigger, it’s more efficient to load up a ServerPack 35 and put it on a plane (the cargo hold of a Boeing 737 can hold tons of data!).

VeloΣ speeds up the collection and transfer of thousands/millions of small files which is the bane of every other copy method. We have seen 300% increased speeds under normal circumstances. Large files also copy faster due to the way VeloΣ shards the files into small chunks that get packed into a stream that maximizes bandwidth utilization. This software is absolutely amazing for all kinds of data migration scenarios.

VeloΣ works as fast as Aspera or Signiant for WAN transfers over the internet; still, it takes about a day to send 1TB of data electronically with any acceleration software. That’s why we say that if your dataset is over 20 or 30TB, it’s better to connect a ServerPack 35 with 10G Ethernet to the source, physically send the filled ServerPack to its destination, connect to the datacenter again with 10G Ethernet, and upload directly. We can do 100TB in about a week with this model. It would take about 100 days over the web.

ServerPack 35 is built with the latest Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware components. That means we can stay current with the best technology as things develop. We have models that use up to 40/56GbE already, but that can go higher as board manufacturers continue to up their game. We also can utilize the latest 12-and 16-core CPUs which is bound to go up as well. We have 12 x 3.5” disk cannisters that can be outfitted with HDDs (up to 18TB each now!) or SSDs. On one project we installed dual port 30TB SSDs that connect to the RAID controller with special cables that give us nVME performance in the U.2 form factor. Our engineers really love to experiment with hardware design to finely tune our performance for the most demanding workflows.

Security is our hallmark, both physical and electronic. AES-256 encryption is used for data-at-rest as well as during web transmission. There are all kinds of sub-systems to secure the hardware with patented shockproof technology and tamper-evident markers. We even have a system called AcroTrace that can automatically burn the TPM encryption chip if the Serverpack senses it is being violated. After all, ServerPack 35 is a portable device so there is a chance that someone could steal it, but your precious data is guaranteed to be safe from prying eyes.

You might ask, why do you have data transfer acceleration software on your device when you are claiming it’s better to move large datasets physically? Well, faster is better. Period. Here’s just one example of how this fits together:

  • A medical facility needs to move 50TB of patient records from a remote office to headquarters and 250GB needs to get there immediately for an insurance company. HIPAA rules discourage them from using the public internet in the building plus it would take two or three months to transfer electronically. You send in a ServerPack and download the data in about 3 hours with VeloΣ. The technician brings it to a hotel before travelling with the device in hand. The tech connects to the web and transfers the encrypted 250GB in a few hours (even if the internet connection is a slow 30Mb/s). The next day he catches a plane with the ServerPack as checked luggage and delivers it to headquarters where the bulk of the data gets uploaded in about 3 hours. Done and done, secure as a vault.

ServerPack 35 owners can also install their own software stack to process data on the spot because it has built-in computing power with an open Linux OS. This is kind of an Edge Computing scenario where the raw data is processed locally. VeloΣ speeds the collection of the original data then rapidly transmits only the results effectively minimizing the time between creation and actuation. The total raw dataset can be archived later for future reference.

VeloΣ has a GUI with drag-and-drop simplicity. It incorporates many management tools for automating the transfer process so it can be operated by non-technical personnel. One of our competitors, the AWS Snowball, primarily uses command line so it is a bit of a science project to operate. With ServerPack 35 you simply power it up, connect to the datacenter, open VeloΣ and begin copying your data.

If faster is indeed better then ServerPack 35 with VeloΣ Data Migration Accelerator is the best of the best. It is currently available for purchase or rental worldwide from Acromove and select partners.

About Us

Acromove Inc. manufactures the world’s best portable Data Transfer servers (ServerPackTM 35) and provides a software/hardware solution that revolutionizes the way Edge Data Center’s (EDCs) will be deployed to the last mile through its product suite, ServerPack Edge™, BladePack Edge™ and AcroTrace™ . Acromove Inc was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Los Angeles with R&D and production facilities in Athens, Greece. Since incorporation Acromove Inc has moved hundreds of Petabytes of data in 14 countries across the world through a 3-year OEM agreement with IBM Mass Data Migration Service.
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