The Edge Cloud is a critical component
to complete the 5G vision

Edge Cloud delivers the speed for a Real Time World

Round-trip <2ms

If Edge Cloud is so good…

…what stops the Edge revolution for 5G?

The first-generation 5G Edge solution
…simple, just build Mini Datacenters at 5G locations!

The problem with Mini Datacenters for 5G

High upfront cost

for each site

Time to deploy

Months and months
of planning and

Expensive to operate

A diverse set of experts is
required for installation
and maintenance

AcroCloud™ vs. Mini Datacenters

How this blocks the market

  • Because the Edge expense is so high per site, 5G players wait
    for large customer commitment.
  • Customers can’t commit until they see a broad deployment.
  • A few sites is not enough.

So, you have a chicken and egg problem

Customers won't commit and operators won't invest!

AcroCloud Deployment example

Start with few demo sites with just the basic systems
and advertise availability on 1000s of sites…

AcroCloud Deployment example

Deploy our white label Platform customized for the Cell Carrier

AcroCloud Deployment example

Scale capacity up or down based on customer needs

AcroCloud Deployment example

Zero CAPEX for Carriers to deploy Acromove Edge Cloud
on 5G Cell Towers shelters, outdoors or in roof-tops

Why AcroCloud changes the game


  • Do lots of market
    experiment inexpensively
  • Get broad customer
    engagement and interest
  • Create more market


  • No CAPEX/low cost means
    rapid scaling is possible
  • Can easily move capacity to
    match early demand
  • No large fixed CAPEX bet, only
    profits with revenue sharing