ThunderPack™ Mini gets recognition in CineGear 2017!!!

Cine Gear Expo 2017: “Cool Stuff” Recognition

Cine Gear Expo, the two-day show on the Paramount lot in Hollywood, is the best place to see industry tools, many of which you’ll be hard-pressed to find at NAB or IBC.

Camera Crane


A camera crane and a banner? It must be Cine Gear Expo time again!


Acromove ThunderPack


Acromove ThunderPack

Acromove is the new identity for Athens, Greece-based Motion FX. The ThunderPack line is a range of DIT-cart-in-a-Pelican-case products: power, storage, I/O, and networking in a robust carry-on form factor.

Acromove ThunderPack


Acromove ThunderPack top panel

Li-ion batteries are caged on the left, with disconnect switches allowing air transport. Weather-shielded connectors allow video and data I/O, power in and out, Thunderbolt, Ethernet, SAS, HDMI, etc. Two antennas provide a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Acromove ThunderPack with solar-power array


Acromove ThunderPack with solar-power array

This particular pack runs full-tilt for about six hours on battery power alone while driving a MacBook Pro, LTO drive, and card reader. With the solar panel for trickle-charging, it’ll  run all day long. You can also feed it AC if you have that luxury.

ThunderPack drive array


ThunderPack drive array
ThunderPack spec sheet


End Credits

A tip of the hat to Jim Rolin of Videofax for the tipoffs on the ARRI Look Library and Atlas Orion lenses (Videofax has orders in for the Orions), and to Mark Weingartner, ASC regarding the Steadicam M-1 Volt. Thanks, guys!

As to the hat being tipped, maybe it’s this one…

Make Cinema Great Again


Disclosure: I went to Cine Gear Expo on my own dime (actually, it cost a considerable number of dimes once flights, hotel, and car were included). There’s no relationship between me and any of the companies mentioned, and no one paid me anything for coverage. However, as the Ingallina folks gave me free food, I figured I should at least include a picture of their dessert strawberries.

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